Turn of event. PP members representing Amhara region proposes to replicate Tigray military operation in BenishangulGumuz region.

Turn of event. PP members representing Amhara region proposes to replicate Tigray military operation in BenishangulGumuz region.

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  1. We need to investigate the underlying reason or the underlying reasons which led the Prosperity Party members in Benishangul Gumuz Regional State Peace and Security Office lost interest in carrying out their sworn duties by defending victims of ethnic-based attacks which currently is said to be spiraling into ethnic cleansing? Why concentrate on opposition politicians too much, while failing to concentrate on the acting State Regional government officials and City government officials within Ethiopia?

    Benishangul Gumuz is where the eyes of the world is looking at due to the fact it is the region where GERD is being constructed. The Ethiopian Federal government needs to investigate if Egypt is bribing the Benishangul Gumuz Regional State Peace and Security Apparatus officials to not build their capacity to a level where they can defend ethnic based attacks,these Benishangul Gumuz officials might have reached a point where they lost interest to perform their duties because their duties get assigned to them by Egypt, not by Ethiopia.

    In the world we are living in now it is becoming more and more common for officials to accept bribes but in most parts of the world accountability exists the , almost all Federal Governments around the world do not let such treasons continue as the Ethiopian Federal government does let it continue by exercising forgiveness and patience. For example currently in USA, the city of San Francisco , California high level government officials are being punished by the Federal Government of USA for accepting bribes from foreigners compromising the national security of USA by a tiny bit. When it comes to National Security issues a tiny bit error causes the Federal Government of USA to mobilize all available resources and nip the tiny bit national security risk in the butt. Currently starting from the Mayor of San Francisco to the bottom level government officials who worked at their posts in the past or present are getting fully investigated by the Federal Government Law Enforcement Agencies of USA. Same needed to be done by the Federal Government of Ethiopia to all of the Benishangul Gumuz State government officials . We need to know who Egypt is bribing and make an example out of those who accepted bribes from Egypt because if we fail to do that there is no point in claiming GERD anymore, we should know we failed and Egypt won if we failed to find out why the Prosperity Party cadres assigned at the Benishangul Gumuz Regional State Peace and Security office lost interest and lost the capacity to defend the victims of the ethnic based.


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