Turkish body gives aid to 2,500 families in Ethiopia

Turkish body gives aid to 2,500 families in Ethiopia

Turkiye Diyanet Foundation has distributed 50 tons of food, helping more than 12,000 people in Afar region

By Tufan Aktas

AFAR, Ethiopia

(AA Turkish) — The Turkiye Diyanet Foundation has distributed basic needs materials and food aid among 2,500 families in Ethiopia.

The aid was handed out in the Afar region under the slogan: “Do not forget your brothers, they are waiting for you”.

Afar has been struggling with drought and famine in recent years. The region also hosts refugees from neighboring Eritrea.

The distribution was made in Asaita, the former capital of Afar regional government.

The foundation’s Project Manager Yuksel Sezgin told Anadolu Agency that every Muslim should visit Ethiopia since the king of ancient Axum kingdom Nejashi hosted the companions of the prophet.

Sezgin said the Turkish body has been helping the people in Ethiopia since the last 10 years during the month of Ramadan and the sacrifice feast. A total of 50 tons of food benefiting more than 12,000 people was distributed in the foundation’s current program.

“Our goal is to share the bliss of Ramadan with Muslims here and seeing the happiness of people here is a great source of pride for us,” he added.

Hikma Hawnasim, a refugee camp resident, praised Turkey for providing the aid.

“My only prayer to God is to grant paradise to senders of this help,” Hawnasim said.

Another resident Heydar Maher said: “May God be with Turkey and the Turkish people.”

The Turkiye Diyanet Foundation aims to become “a voice of goodness” in 84 countries and 326 regions, and deliver food packages to more than 90,000 families by this Ramadan.

It will also hold fast-breaking (iftar) ceremonies for 250,000 people around the world.