Traitor ‘Shiferaw Shigute’ Plots for the Reversal of the Sidama’s Demand for a Regional Self-Rule

Traitor ‘Shiferaw Shigute’ Plots for the Reversal of the Sidama’s Demand for a Regional Self-Rule from his Hideouts in 5* Hotel in Finfinnee (Addis Ababa)

March 10, 2019

The Sidama’s infamous anaconda, criminal Shiferaw Shigute is plotting from his hideouts in Finfinnee (Addis Ababa), credible report indicates. As a valued servant of the TPLF’s EPRDF for the last 20 years, he has been called back from his Ambassadorial duties in the South Korea as part of Sidama subduing project thereby abort the nation’s strides toward national regional self-governance. Such hideously inspired anti-Sidama project has involved a lot of anti-Sidama quislings who are all hell-bent on sabotaging the Sidama struggle for a self-rule. We are 100% sure that they hardly achieve their heinous dream not only on earth, even in the hell where they rot when their right time arrives. We are also aware of that, the indicated quisling has been key players with the former PM H/M Desalegn in sabotaging the Sidama’s decision to be a regional state after it has been unanimously decided by Sidama’s Zone General council nearly 13 years ago.

Apparently, all the SEPDM’s puppet cadres are becoming such invaluable assets for the federal rulers for sole purpose of supporting Sidama denigrating projects. As the saying goes, a ‘history repeats itself’ the same person who has know-how and cunning experience in silencing the Sidama nation has been recalled from his roles by the government. Sadly, he and his bosses hardly understand that the Sidama’s this generation is entirely different who never allow previous mistake to be repeated in Sidama land. This is the generation that has defied fear and manipulation whilst standing their ground until they achieve their national goal of making the Sidama nation regionally independent and self-reliant.

The irony is that, all the successive federal leaders pick up all the anti-Sidama elements after successfully committing crimes in Sidama land to promote them to various higher positions in the capital. Almost all cadres who have been involved in Sidama executing projects were promoted after doing their dirty jobs in Sidama land. For example, the former PM H/M Desalegn has been elevated to such statuses after effectively managing the Sidama Looqqe massacre on May 24, 2002. The indicated quisling Shiferaw Shigute has been promoted from authority to authority during various periods as he continually stifled the Sidama’s demands to be a region and stops any development initiatives in Sidama land as he pockets all the Sidama’s scant budget leftover from the TPLF’s bandits.

The recent anti-Sidama groups who have stage-managed the Sidama execution during June 2018’s Hawassa conflict include former SNNPRS’s police commissioner Fiseha Gardew who has ordered the massacre of about 25 Sidama civilians who is now in Finfinnee in high level government office. Another key architect who has been involved in Sidama execution is Tesfaye Beljigie who has controlled behind the scene Sidama massacre project during June 2018 Hawassa conflict has been also elevated to Finfinnee after effectively managing their criminal project in Sidama land.

Now Shiferaw Shigute has been brought back to show the SEPDM and their federal unionist bosses how to be able to undo the Sidama nation. Unionist Medias such as ESAT remain zipped when he has been appointed to an ambassadorial position in stark contrast with their previous sharp criticism in relation to the indicated criminal. In particular when the Amhara people were targeted and displaced in Gura Farda, ESAT has been in the forefront in criticising Shiferaw Shigute as he has been the main person who has implemented late PM Meles Zenawi’s order. As they had a long term projects in mind, however, they stopped shooting their criticising bullet at Shiferaw Shigute when the current PM appointed him to the said position; and we know why this has been the case. He has been too precious to be angered as he serves the interest of unionists by subduing the Sidama nation in a number of ways.

Sadly, anti-Sidama elements, including criminal Shiferaw Shigute and his collaborators hardly understand the depth and level of Sidama’s determination to achieve its goals. The Sidama nation is prepared to defend its rights with all possible means unlike the previous decades. We, therefore strongly advice the honourable PM Dr Abiy Ahmed’s government to kindly listen to the voices of the Sidama nation instead of harbouring criminals to support anti-Sidama project that will be in vain- as the nation never returns back without grabbing its regional state. Finally, the Sidama nation must understand who are its friends and foes- as the nation moves in unison toward self-rule, self-actualisation and realisation. The nation also must know the fact that the enemy within is most potent than the external, thus the internal enemy must be removed from the Sidama land with all possible means. Criminal Shiferaw Shigute, his Sidama collaborators and business group who are obliviously working together with him on anti-Sidama project must be cursed and rejected by the Sidama nation.

Urgently Fix The Date For The Sidama National Regional State Referendum!

March 10, 2019