TPLF’s ‘National Security Council’ says protests are banned in Ethiopia!!

TPLF’s ‘National Security Council’ says protests are banned in the country. None sense. The council has no power to suspend any democratic and human rights guaranteed by the constitution. Only the parliament has. Because TPLF has lost the usual power of pushing around both the upper and lower chambers, it now want to resort to some other means. Our people have the right to protest in any form and shape until the parliament bans such activity with declaration of state of emergency.

Via: Jawar Mohammed

I truly believe in this. For sure we cannot change the existing reality by including people who fight the existing reality into the existing reality. It could reduce the pressure on the existing reality but it cannot bring the desired change. People should be allowed to come up with a new model and kill the existing one. 

Via: Birhanu M Lenjiso

የ ሼክ መሐመድ አልአሙዲ መታሰር
አርቲስቶችን ዕምባ አራጨ።