Federal police : TPLF’s Manual for further bloodshed

TPLF’s Manual for further bloodshed: Jawar Mohammed

This presentation was given to federal police commanders at the beginning of December.

It assesses the current political situation and actions that need to be taken. Although it pretends to present nationwide assessment, it is all about Oromia regional state. It accuses the regional government any thing from failing to undertake ‘deep reform’ to being source of every problem in the country.

It again and again accuses the regional leadership of instigating ethnic conflict, working with ‘terrorist’ organizations endangering the federal system.Generally this is a document meant to brainwash the federal police to see the Oromia regional state as the enemy within as to prepare them for the planned military take over of the regional administration.

Training of similar content was given to military commanders in Mid-November.

Via Jawar Mohammed

TPLF is determined to secure the status quo – the laughable arrangement in which a party that purports to represent 6% of country’s 100 million people dominates all aspects of public life. According to their decadent logic, everyone of us calling for change are either narrow minded, chauvinist, terrorist, anti-peace and anti-development.

There is so much at stake. Our hope is on the line, our safety is on the line, and our future is one the line. Above all, the integrity of the Ethiopian state is on the line. They must not be allowed to get their at. Not this time. ANDM  OPDO  EPRDFEC Meeting
Awol Kassim Allo

[OBN 08 04 2010] Godina Harargee Lixaatti dhukaasa lubbuu nama hedduu galaafatee jiraachuu BDhKMNO Obbo Addisuu Aragaa ibsaan

Oromos Lives Don’t Matter?

Over the last two years, the regime have killed at least 4000 Oromos: students, farmers, pastoralists, teachers, young and old, rural and urban, all kinds of Oromos alike.

The killings have not stopped. Oromos are still being killed. What has changed is the reaction to it. Some of our friends, some Oromos activists included, are starting to take Oromo death as normal phenomenon. In fact some are starting to blame Oromo victims.

Case in point is the latest killings of Oromos and Somalis in West Hararghe zone. I have been seeing everyone condemning ‘massacre’ of Somalis, which is the right thing. But no one is mentioning as much numbers of Oromos were also killed in the same place and killing episode.

Some 5000 Somalis live in West Hararghe in three districts: Hawwii Guddiinaa, Daaroo Labu and Bokhee. Although these people still keep their Somali roots, they are indistinguishable from the local Oromos. Peace in the area has been disturbed in the past year due to the ongoing border conflict. Abdi Illey has been supplying the Somali community with weapons and armed militia who are not residents of the area have been observed and carried out several attacks causing suspicion and fear between the two communities. Elders said to have contained the situation until recently when the military was deployed in the area. Arrival of the military flared up conflict. In Gadulo town of Daaroo Labu district, the military gathered Somali residents placed them at warehouse.

On the 13th of December, without any prior notice and plan, the military decided to retract its protection and left these Somalis alone. Local elders urged the Military to either allow them to offer protection or take these Somalis with them. The commanders instructed the elders to not get close to the compound.

The following day, the 14th of December, Somali Liyu police opened fire on displaced Oromos who were receiving food aid in remote village Hawwii Gudiinaa District. In this attack, Ahmed Teha, a well known leader respected by the community, alongside with other 28 people, was killed. In what appeared as a coordinated campaign, the Liyu Police went on to burn hundreds of houses and kidnapped 300 people as hostage in a Kebele school. This happened in Hawwii Guddiinaa district.

In Gadulo town of Daroo Labuu district that borders Hawwii Guddiinaa, the news of the killings of Ahmed Taha caused sadness and anger. His Brother, Ziyad Teha, alongside his friend, picked weapons and went on a rampage of revenge killings at the Warehouse where the Somalis were left without any protection. About 32 Somali were killed.

Both the killings of Oromos and Somalis is what the regime wanted and provoked. It is aimed at steering further emotions and to trigger an all-out war between communities to help it with the current campaign against Team Lemma.

First of all, why the military gathered the Somalis while there was no danger to them? If they gather them together, why they left them then all alone for an imminent attack? How come Liyu Police penetrates 150km deep into Oromia to Hawwii Guddiina district exactly when the military left the Somalis for an imminent attack? There are many questions to be answered.We have to be clear that this is a TPLF plan executed using the Liyu Police and the army to further increase the scale of bloodshed in the country. We have heard that helicopters were flying to Gadulo to unearth dead bodies to do filming for upcoming documentary to inflame the situation further.

This is a TPLF masterminded plan. And nobody should doubt that. Any kind of victim blaming against Oromos is unacceptable. The Oromia regional state has promised to bring Ziyad Teha and his accomplice to justice for the crime they committed. What Zeyid and his accomplices did should be condemned in strongest of terms. So should the killing of 29 Oromos few kilometres away. ( Also, at least another 13 Oromos were killed in the weeks before the latest episode)

As Ethiopia enters dangerous situation, activists of all side should be careful on how to react to reports of conflict. The first thing to do is to find out what exactly happened before rushing to condemnation with little information. Last week, some were condemning the whole of Shambu for the killing of two Tigrean students even without waiting to learn circumstances of their death. Oromo death might have become so common and desensitized us. But remember all victims are humans and they are victimized by the same evil regime.

[Figure: Daaroo Labuu & Hawwii Guddiinaa Districts] Biyya Oromiyaa‘s post.