TPLF’s Ignominious Defeat With its ‘346’ Puppets Didn’t Stop It from Licensing Its Agents to Continue with State-Terrorism

TPLF’s Ignominious Defeat With its ‘346’ Puppets Didn’t Stop It from Licensing Its Agents to Continue with State-Terrorism.

By Denboba Natie, March 4, 2018 

During March 02, 2018’s urgently summoned lifeless parliamentary session in Ethiopia; the TPLF’s regime was confident that it can coerce parliamentarians into licensing its security apparatus to massacre innocent civilians mainly in Oromia and country wide at large, by approving the bill of State of emergency (disguised military coup). However, in a dramatic turn in an uncustomary manner for TPLF’s Parliament for the entire 27 years, the heroic and emphatic rejection of most of the Oromo Peoples’ Democratic Organisation (OPDO) on behalf of their own constituencies and wider peoples of Ethiopia, the truth prevailed. The OPDO group unanimously said ‘NO’ to the said bill, thus the TPLF’s regime only secured 346 votes from the expected 359 to be able to make it a 2/3rd.  Besides, the regime blatantly disregarded the constitution which states otherwise to declare fake victory, using its mouthpieces including the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) & Fana Broadcasting.

Regardless, with sheer level of determination and bravery, the OPDO leadership and parliamentarians except for the Oromo’s worst quislings such as the infamous Alemayehu Tegenu, Sileshi Getahun, Damitu Hambissa Mukitar Kedir, Abadula Gamada and their likes who have worked hard to license the TPLF’s Mafias to mass-murder the Oromo youth and civilians; the TPLF’s plan has decisively failed from security the outright majority. From the 88 brave OPDO’s souls who have openly rejected the bill and another 7 who have abstained (another form of voting No), there were also dozens those who have taken a heroic tactical rejection by staying at home.

Absenteeism is equally considered to be a No vote, hence sending their messages empathically that, they don’t license TPLF’s Militia to mass murder the peoples in Ethiopia. We applaud the OPDO’s indefatigable resolve, sheer level of determination, heroic actions and resilient approach in defending the very tenant of humanity in the face of highly armed, organised and legally operating TPLF’s Mafia, who is compromising the survival of the entire peoples in Ethiopia and the country, as it perniciously erodes its future.

Because of the OPDO’s emphatic rejection apart from the indicated quislings, the TPLF’s plan for mass-murdering dealt with severe blow. Sadly, the south Ethiopia’s moronic puppets led by inapt TPLF’s slave cadres such as Shiferaw Shigute (Sidama’s enemy number one) former puppet PM Hailemariam Desalegn and Siraj Fergessa unanimously legalised the bill. The Sidama people and the rest peoples of 55 various nations of the south must unambiguously understand that, the indicated criminals have licensed TPLF’s mafia to mass murder you all. Their action, therefore is an inexcusable crime against humanity deserving proportionate response with targeted actions on their looted wealth and properties. They shouldn’t be left in peace as they licensed the murder of unarmed civilians by TPLF Mafias!

Moreover, since the 2nd of March 2018, the TPLF’s Mafias are once again embarked on their usual mass-murdering project of Oromo’s unarmed civilians in the central belt of Oromia region traditionally known as Western and Northern Shewa. The Killing is also spreading across the entire Oromia region where arbitrary arrests of OPDO leadership at various localities is intensifying. Dozens have been killed and further dozens wounded since the aftermaths of March 2, 2018 fake parliamentary vote. Father and son were gunned down just yesterday in one of the localities in Oromia. There is further information indicating that, civilians and Oromia police personnel who opposed to the ongoing massacre of unarmed civilians are also indiscriminately shot dead in broad day lights in various Oromia Zones and districts. As we speak, the Mafias are also embarked on disarming of the Oromia police who rejected to the killing of their own brothers and sisters by Tigray’s regional Militias dispatched to mass murder the Oromo and the rest peoples in Ethiopia with the Agiazi commando brigade, in addition to the federal army playing similar barbaric roles.

The moral decadence of the TPLF/EPRDF’s apartheid, its pseudo-parliamentarians such as Abadual Gamada and hundreds of incapacitated selfish cadres and its mouthpieces including Mimi Sebhatu’s FM Radio and Aigaforum (where the TPLF’s agents play crucial role in defending its indefensible barbarism to the entire peoples in Ethiopia, but Tigray) is such appalling acts of treachery, only tolerated by those who are prepared to sadistically treating fellow mankind. It’s such mind-boggling experience for any moral person to see the level of TPLF’s brutality to the rest peoples in Ethiopia as they defend their economic benefit, political and military superiority at the expense, death and destruction of the rest peoples in Ethiopia, but Tigray.

We shouldn’t undermine the fact that, the TPLF’s Mafia criminals are pushing the peoples of Ethiopia to the limit with their barbaric actions as they move from brutality to pernicious action of destroying the country with its stakeholders. If it wasn’t for the patience, tolerance, accommodation and farsightedness of the peoples in Ethiopia as they wholly reject the TPLF’s repeated attempts of Divide-and-Conquer projects, they always remain preparing to ignite a full-scale civil war to have a good excuse to maintain the dominance of their economy and military leadership under various pretexts including war on terrorism; although they are the biggest Terrorists of the country and the entire horn.

Besides, these immoral thugs, including their late cruel leader PM Meles Zenawi, all indistinguishably worked hard to create huge rift between the people of Tigray and the rest peoples in Ethiopia. We urge the people of Tigray to unconditionally join the rest peoples in Ethiopia. We remember how many times the late TPLF’s PM Meles Zenawi used a word ‘Interahamwe’ the name of Hutu’s mass-murdering machines (like Agiazi) during Rwanda’s genocide of 1994 to emphasise that; if the TPLF is not allowed to silently rule the country eternally, Ethiopia becomes another 1994’s Rwanda. Besides, as indicated above, the far-sighted peoples of Ethiopia proved him and his bloodthirsty alcoholic thugs who are always prepared to mass-murder and happily enjoy looking at the agonising death of mothers, fathers, children, elders, pregnant women and all segments of society, wrong.

The failure of the TPLF’s morality and human values in the last 27 years reign of terror, has been disputed by academics, human rights defenders, political leaders and religious groups in the country and worldwide. Their and their puppets’ moral decadence is the basis for ongoing barbarism to the peoples of Ethiopia. Additionally, the unsettling reality is that, most of the academics and wider groups from Tigray and Tigreans in Diaspora put aside their morality as they defend the indefensible crimes of the TPLF’s Mafias against humanity. Now, they air the hullabaloo of TPLF as they push ‘346’ upward to make it 395 to validate its lies and deceits on licensing mass murder in Oromia and elsewhere. The following excerpt is from the TPLF’s mouthpiece dictation to embellish the TPLF’s ignominious defeat: –

‘After a through debate Parliament approved the state of emergency with 395 yes, 88 no, and 7 abstain vote….Western governments and extremists from the diaspora were against the bill while millions of Ethiopians were in support of the bill. According to our source Dr Abiy from OPDO was not present …..The extremists have started to play the number game with this vote. The vote no matter how it is tallied will not change the outcome, however, we hope EBC will air the full debate, so the confusion is cleared. The extremist are using Speaker Aba Dula own admission of the Yea and Nay tally to confuse the issue! (Aigaforum 03/02/18’ Updated 03/02/18 – 9:24 AM PST)

In a country led by the barbaric racist TPLF’s Mafias for nearly 3 decades, expecting positive concession benefiting all stakeholders will not only be naivety, but also utter foolishness. This is the case simply because, we have learnt the harshest truth about their enmity to the rest peoples of Ethiopia in the past 27 years as they work hard to build Tigray alone whilst impoverishing, brutalising and dehumanising the rest. They must go, and the time must be now!

Therefore, the TPLF’s mass murdering bill has been emphatically rejected by the OPDO and failed; although mass murdering of the Oromo civilians continued. Thus, all peoples in Ethiopia from all corners must join the Oromo people and their heroic resistance to butchery of the TPLF Mafias until they are brought to their knees to allow the rule of law to take its course. All peoples in Ethiopia must feel morally compelled to join the victims instead of hiding in their shells when humanity is at stake. Freedom isn’t a gift. It must be earned with the high price. It must be earned with determination, struggle and utter sacrifices of bloods, bones and ultimately lives. The Oromo, Amhara and Ogadenia youth are sacrificing their lives demanding their unalienable rights to freedom, democracy and genuine rights to self-determination to be honoured. The response of the TPLF is now live bullet as it has been the case in the past 27 years.

Still silence? There will be neither moral grounds for silence as the innocent people are gunned down on daily basis nor is there pragmatism for supporting the regime who is responsible for mass-murdering of unarmed Oromo civilians primarily and the rest peoples in Ethiopia at large. Therefore, pseudo-parliamentarians of Amhara, the south and Ogadenia must ask themselves whether their support of the TPLF’s Mafias will spare them from being accomplices thereby accountable for mass murder when the right time comes. Instead, I strongly advise you all to join the Oromo’s forces for positive change in Ethiopia.

If the TPLF whose population is less than 6% believes that it has defeated the Derg, how on earth it erroneously asserts that it can survive the revolution of 42% of Oromo and the remaining entire peoples in Ethiopia? If less than 6 million Tigray Mafia out of 104 million can defeat the Derg according to them; failing to understand the fact that the struggle of more than 95% prevails sooner than later, will be political immaturity and short sightedness. The TPLF needs to take responsibility and concede that, it can’t go from here as it wishes, thus it must unconditionally stepdown. Accepting defeat by itself is bravery! Go Now!

I salute the heroism and indefatigability of the Oromo Qeerroo and the entire nation, the Amhara Fano, the Gurage Zerma and the rest peoples in Ethiopia, for openly rejecting the TPLF apartheid in the face of sustained state terrorism! The rest peoples of Ethiopia must unconditional join the indicated determined youth to be able to free themselves by intensifying a collective anti-TPLF apartheid struggle!

May the souls of all who are paying ultimate sacrifices with their precious lives for freedom rest in peace!

By Denboba Natie (March 04, 2018)

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  1. “… a heroic tactical rejection by staying at home.”
    “Absenteeism is equally considered to be a No vote, hence sending their messages empathically that, they don’t license TPLF’s Militia to mass murder the peoples in Ethiopia.”

    NO, Sir!
    I see the absence of elected members of parliament as pure cowardice or even tacit support for genocide by failing to show up where they are needed. They failed to do their jobs and should be equally removed from OPDO and if possibe from Oromo soil just like those who voted in favor of war on our people. Abiy Ahmed is not different from Aba Dula.

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