Must listen: Mesay Mekonenn on Lemma Megersa (ፍትጊያው) | EPRDF | ANDM | TPLF

News Analysis: Mesay Mekonenn on Lemma Megersa (ፍትጊያው) | EPRDF | ANDM | TPLF

Report from Oromia

Addisu Arega versus Lemma Megersa

ESAT’s broadcasting of December 14 which shared the news that Mr. Diriba uma, Meyer of Finfinne was stopped from his scheduled official trip to the USA was very revealing but little noticed. Mr. Diriba has been in the forefront of opposing OPDO’s lip-service. He favored the cracking and exposing of TPLF’s domination more vigorously instead. Both Aba Dula and Lemma are strongly opposed to such behavior, preferring a rather carefully planned loyal steps combined with tough love for TPLF.

They argue that changes must be made very slowly and with the permission of the TPLF officials. They hope to debate and convince the TPLF. Lemma and a group of his followers think that this has failed especially after Debretsion was appointed head of TPLF. Despite promising to investigate the Calanqo massacre, for example, Lemma still follows TPLF’s orders while Diriba and the Head of Oromia Communication Affairs, Addisu Arega want OPDO to officially condemn the massacre.

Their difference is in their stance against the TPLF, Lemma favors a softly negotiated move or settlement, Addisu and Diriba want a tougher wording especially when civilians are targeted. It was rumored that it was Lemma who blocked Diriba’s trip to the USA, and Lemma may in fact remove him from his current post as a Meyer of Addis Ababa which may indicate further cracks within OPDO.
Beekan G Erena