The TPLF Apartheid Is Deceiving the Subjects, By Pretending to Be a Unifier

The TPLF Apartheid Is Deceiving the Subjects, By Pretending to Be a Unifier

By Denboba Natie, November 06, 2017

Systematic Deception: Mimi Sebhatu talks as if OPDO is out of control. OPDO is TPLF property and has never been out of TPLF control and will never be.

I rejoice the fact that, (though it is the TPLF setup trap), seeing both largest nations of the country celebrating their get-together sessions. Obviously, the ‘we are one’ slogan of Amhara and Oromo aches deep into the bones and tendons of the TPLF regime who has prepared both nations for an eternal divergence. Even superficial as per TPLF’s plans, I still believe that, such slogan unsettles it and punches its architects at their stomachs. I also know that they persevere until they achieve their goals of effectively neutralizing the ongoing Oromo revolution firstly, and the Amhara and wider nations of the country at large. I once again rejoice seeing the sons and daughters of Oromo and Amhara and wider nations of the country coming together to say, ‘no one will separate us’ although the current drama is a setup trap. Besides, I hope that, this, a TPLF masterminded plan for its political gain, superficially seeming genuine for credulously gullible groups, works against odds to backfire!

There is no doubt that, the TPLF regime is gasping for its final breath; although it stubbornly remains on power employing its usual deceit and subterfuge. Its dubious plots coupled with misleading medias led and manged by its malicious architects such as Mimi Sebhatu and many others, the TPLF’s regime is hellbent on playing futile game. It doesn’t want to accept the eventuality of its demise; although there are ample evidences showing the TPLF can’t continue in the manner it has been terrorising the nations for the last 26 years. Its tricks and twists are becoming clear to the subjects. For example, its agents (in addition to various other tricks) who are assigned to surreptitiously instigate conflicts in various Zones of Oromia, to blame it on Oromo nation for killing of Amhara civilians living in Oromia, are exposed and captured red-handed, showing how far the TPLF walks to play foul to stay on power.

Since 1991, the TPLF regime has been playing such dirty games although it has been only 2 to 3 years since the subjects began correctly understanding it. This is positive aspect of the unfolding incidents resonating throughout the country demanding for a political change, not cosmetic change a kind of the TPLF regime is playing with both largest nations of the country. The people, time and again shown that, they don’t want cosmetic change. There is tale tell sign that, realistic change is inevitable. The peoples of Ethiopia unambiguously know and increasingly understand the poisonous tricks of the TPLF authoritarian regime and its pernicious agendas. Therefore, they neither easily give in, into its lies and deceits nor give up their demand for a genuine change. The TPLF must go, and it must go now; they are demanding!

Diametrically opposing to the persistent demands of the majority for a political change, the TPLF regime is obliviously grooming its Oromo and Amhara agents, to help it to implement its cosmetic changes. In this vein, the TPLF has picked some of key OPDO figures to play its dirty games with the objective of neutralising the Oromo’s national resistance. Such worst quislings of the Oromo nation mainly include, general Abadula Gamada (who is one of the Sidama Looqqe massacre key Criminals hence wanted to face justice when the right time comes), Obbo Lamaa Magarssa (who has been part of the TPLF’s spying apparatuses hence one of the killing squads); and some the other key officials voluntarily agreeing to play TPLF’s game. Regrettably, for those who hardly understand the other side of the coin, the current drama superficially seems genuine. The latter group may assume that, the ongoing hullaballoo is for a meaningful change. To be brutally honest, it is pure drama conceived, planned, strategized and in the process of implementation under the stage-management of the TPLF. Nothing else! The aspects of this drama to the majority may seem that, both Amhara and Oromo cadres are acting freely. To the contrary, to the critical thinkers however, it is crystal clear that, this is not the case and it never be unless this regime is removed from power, to allow the majority to exercise their unalienable rights to freedom of self-determination.

Furthermore, there are ample plausible arguments for the TPLF’s inability to willingly surrendering. First, its leadership to date uphold the mentality they had when they began (1975) their resistances against their predecessor, during their entire lives as guerrilla fighter in Tigray mountains. After they have assumed power in Finfinnee (Addis Ababa in mid-1991), their obdurate attitudes have hardly changed. For example, they have assassinated hundreds of thousands of their own comrades, hence they feel it is normal to assassinate and massacre all political opponents in all parts of Ethiopia. They have done this since day one. They are doing this as we speak; and there is no guarantee that, they don’t do so in the years to come- if they are left to remain on power. Moreover, they have also coordinated the massacre of their own (Tigray people for whom they claimed were fighting for), in Hawzein market to blame it on Derg, for their political gain. To date, such inhumane belief of the TPLF’s hard core elements have hardly changed.

Secondly, the TPLF has got the bloods of tens of thousands of innocent civilians of Ethiopia in its hands. Over 150,000 civilians are unlawfully detained and languishing in various substandard prisons. Additionally, tens of millions of peasants have been displaced from their land to vacate it for the TPLF politicians and their generals to trade with it. The indicated millions are to date left destitute with no hope and aspiration for their family and their future. In contrast, the TPLF and its agents built multi-storey buildings in the capital and in various cities and towns – with the money and land expropriated from Oromia, the South, Amhara and the rest parts of the country. Equally, millions of businesses communities were deliberately made to go bankrupt, so that the TPLF and its agents’ takeover their business. Cognizant of this fact, the architects of the TPLF regime are terrified of the inevitable consequences.

Thirdly, the TPLF has expropriated the wealth of the entire country by impoverishing the majority for the last 26 years. Thus, the TPLF Politicians and Generals have accumulated sizable amount of hard currency (in millions and billions) in foreign banks; in addition to monopolizing of the entire businesses of the country. Therefore, the TPLF hardly imagines leaving its booties for the majority stakeholders in the worst-case scenario.

Fourthly, their greed and power mongering nature are beyond comprehension, hence they won’t relinquish power unless they are shown the might of popular power and united force they can hardly contain. These are some of the key scenarios why they won’t let the peoples of the country decide on their own destiny. Unless they want us to think with their obdurate beliefs in their own ways, we understand their inner self, thus we call a ‘spade’ is spade.

Meanwhile, it’s also normal for any authoritarian regime to think cunningly to remain on power by adopting various methods. In some cases, the rulers coordinate some groups who officially and openly criticise and denounce them to create wrong impression of their plans and actions to appear accommodating. Some regimens even prepare some group from their own party to pretend resigning to join the opposing faction, yet to serve the bigger purpose of the same regime. This is what is happening in Ethiopia as we speak. Those OPDO groups and, regrettably some of their Diaspora supporters are committing an inexcusable historical mistake, as they mislead both largest nations of the country; by pretending to be hard on the TPLF. This is not the case and won’t be the case. They are knowingly or otherwise, serving the hidden agenda of the TPLF’s regime for various reasons. All PDO’s hardly think positively for various reasons including: –

  1. Having been, part and parcels of TPLF for the last 26 years, to date they are serving it. Therefore, they have no moral authority to pretend to be the defenders of the rights of the majority, whom the regime has consciously and willingly dehumanised and depersonalised using them as tools. The bloods of tens of thousands of Oromo and Amhara youth who have been gunned down in broad day lights by the TPLF regime under their stage-management, is crying for justice. Nearly 100, 000 unlawfully incarcerated Oromo political prisoners and over 20,000 Amhara prisoners are languishing in various prison cells of the country, yet these quislings agree to run the agenda of the TPLF regime; without even negotiating at least minimum concession on behalf of the people of the nations who are brutally ruled and are to date paying heavy prices with their precious lives. Any person released from prison? Any concession?I fairly with degree of certainty understand that, the OPDO and Amhara messengers are hijacking the struggle of the Oromo youth (Qeerroo) and Amhara youth and main stream. In the case of Amhara national struggle, it is frightening to see that, its cadres are conspiring with the TPLF in the face of unsettling partition of the Ethiopian land in their region to give it to a foreign country. Thus, it is worthwhile understanding that, the TPLF regime is such despicable, untrustworthy regime who has repeatedly premeditated, planned, implemented and monitored the massacre of thousands of unarmed civilians in the country using these very cadres. Therefore, it is difficult to comprehend for critical minded individuals, that, these cadres pretend to be representing the interests of their own people.
  2. They have accumulated significant amount of wealth by sharing from the TPLF’s leftover hence, they are all supper rich at the expenses of the impoverishment of the majority. Therefore, it is hard to believe that, these quislings will stand for the rights of their own people.
  3. They are politically as well as ideologically corrupt, hence can’t stand for the humanity, simply because, their bestiality has been witnessed in the past 26 years.
  4. They also have got the bloods of hundreds of innocent civilians in their hands; hence they are unfit for the purposes of genuinely democratising the country by adhering to the principles of humanity and rule of law. Thus, the current drama is part and parcel of TPLF’s plots to buy time to stay on power.

Furthermore, for example, when general Abadula Gamada resigned few weeks ago, numerous sceptics have cautiously questioned his mottos and longer-term objective. Subsequently, these sceptics argued that his resignation is a pretentious action aimed at supporting the final lifeline of the TPLF regime to enable it to stay on power. I was one of those. Therefore, the current hullaballoo of the OPDO’s visit of Amhara’s regional state is the biggest plots of the TPLF regime, yet, since it has assumed power in 1991. For sure, we know that, the TPLF’s architects have calibrated their lenses on both largest nations in a cunning manner to be able to achieve their goal. The biggest objective is watering down on the Oromo and Amhara resistance which has irreparably shaken its foundation.

This is the new tactics and tricks of the TPLF and its puppets who suddenly pretend to be confident and the rulers of the country, by placing their bosses temporarily in their back pockets. Very good actors! Besides, it must be clear to all that, the TPLF’s formulae have been exposed since 2015’s Oromo revolution. Waking up and increasingly becoming conscious, the peoples of the country time and again are foiling the TPLF’s plots of instigating potentially protracted full-scale civil wars between nations and peoples of Ethiopia; with the focus on both largest nations of the country. Now, once again, the Oromo and Amhara nations must foil this plot by unconditionally denouncing the drama of the cadres. Remember that the bloods, bones and souls of tens of thousands of Oromo, Amahra, Sidama, Ogaden Somali, Gambella, Konso, Afar and the rest peoples of the country are crying for justice. The cadres of both regions are as criminals as their bosses, hence untrustworthy. These cadres must know that they are serving the regime who has proved its viciousness to its subjects for over quarter of a century.

Equally, the Diaspora elements shouldn’t be reducing themselves to such lower power mongering statuses, at the expenses of the sacrifices of their own people who are spilling their bloods for the national cause of Oromo and Amhara nations. I strongly advice the latter group, to think twice. Conspiring with the blood-sucking vampire leeches known as the ‘TPLF/EPRDF’ apartheid is morally indefensible, politically incorrect and academically inadmissible acts of treachery for a liberated mankind. I trust that, none of you reduce yourself to such moral and ideological decadence in the faces of unfolding tragedies. Therefore, I finally urge those TPLF/PDO’s Diaspora conspirators, to critically think their action and consequences, whist equally urging the Oromo and Amhara as well as the entire nations and peoples of Ethiopia to push forward with their struggle until genuine change is materialised. The unity of all people of the country and opposition groups both in Diaspora and within, is crucial in bringing down the criminal regime to its knees.

By Denboba Natie, November 06, 2017



  1. I love reading Denboba’s commentaries. However, people with inside information, like Rene L, confirm that TPLF mafias are not in love with the OPDO leadership. Yes, the struggle must continue until regime change.

    • Thanks for the comment.

      We shall see as the incidents unfold in the weeks of months to come. If what you have asserted is the case, it would be better for the Oromo, and the rest peoples of the country.

      Unless the TPLF regime is militarily, economically and politically incapacitated or disabled, don’t expect that any little thing happens in Ethiopian without their explicit or implicit approval.

      This is indisputable fact.

      We must continue with our struggle until our nations and peoples are put in position to be able to freely decide about their own affairs in a free Ethiopia.

      We aspire such future for all stakeholders of the country.


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