Time to act : to avert looming genocide of the Oromo people by the TPLF regime

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Time to act to avert looming genocide of the Oromo people By the TPLF regime

Time to Act: Last week, the Ethiopian Ambassador to the US told the US officials in Congress to delay the voting on the human rights bill because they have a “Security Operation” they are conducting in the Eastern region of the country within the coming 30 days. Yesterday, the Ethiopian Defense Forces started a renewed attack on Oromo civilians in towns such as Awadaay, Watar, and several other small places. In some places, the Oromia Regional Police were also of targeted for attack by the Ethiopian Defense Forces.

The US officials should know that their acquiescence in this “Security Operations” in Oromia implicates them in the ongoing genocide being committed by the regime. If they really care for human rights and have concluded, as it appears in the draft bill, that there has been a consistent pattern in the Ethiopian government’s practices of gross abuses and genocide, they should not let this regime to bide its time to enact another round of violence in the entire region.

If they really care for human rights, this is the time for them to act. Perhaps this is the last opportune moment for them to act. For otherwise, it may be too little to late before we start to see another Syria emerge in the Horn.

Via: Tsegaye Ararssa

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