Najat Hamza : To the nostalgic bunch: The failure of TPLF Repressive Regime is not a failure of Federalism

By: Najat Hamza

To the nostalgic bunch: The failure of TPLF Repressive Regime is not a failure of Federalism

We do not need to learn how to love, include and add others to our land, our way of life and accept them as they are, that is who we are. That is Oromummaa. It is very easy to be excited about change, how ever the change we are excited about should be the kind of change that can at least begin to address our demand as people. Or set a clear, well defined agenda how to build a better future for all. The kind of future we can see our demands fully realized and without compromise for ourselves while we also see others do the same.

What is the Oromo Struggle? What is the Oromo question? What are our demands. One needs to understand these are things that cannot be swapped with any other petty agenda. We have never in the history of our existence advocated for dominance of others nor did we ever fight to get what is not ours. We simply fought for universal values like the right to decide our own fate, equality, democracy, justice and fairness for all. These are demands that cannot and will not be compromised.

We can talk about any type of mathematical equations and signs after our demand as people is fully realized. What will not happen is to come up with some petty slogan to erode a struggle we paid in lives and limbs. The failure of a TPLF regime as greed ridden, authoritarian and brutal gang does not represent the failure of Federalism in general. We understand the difference between a border and a regional boundaries. There is no education necessary. We also understand that regions are here to give each one of us the right to who we are and decide on our own fate if realized correctly.

The prime minister has taken some positive steps and that is encouraging. However, the dog whistle languages and nostalgia of the past is not and cannot be part of the new Ethiopia. I suggest you look into and work on securing people’s safety and well being first. Everyday has been a bloody day in Cinaksan and other border cities and now the violence has spread elsewhere. This should have been a priority. It still is.

Instead of dusting the “old” idea of Ethiopianism and trying to shove it down our throats, dismantle the apparatus of chaos operating under your wings will be a battle to pick up and secure. You have the resources in your hand, I do not understand why deteriorating security is not an urgent agenda!

So, we are the people of peace, love, acceptance and justice. It is who we are! You see, ambiguity is introduced in politics only when one has no spine to stand up for what he/she believes in. Ambiguity is like trying to please everyone but losing from all sides. The agenda of teaching inclusivity should only be for those who work so hard to promote, live and even define what it means to exclude. It goes further, they will even have the audacity to argue to “exclude” is really to “include, to that I say yesterday is not today.

Oromiyaa...ammaas Oromiyaa!

Priority one: Safety & Security

No, thank you!!!

Yaa Obbo Taammanee Immiruukoo, kana dura #Taajjabbiin waa sitti dhaammatee ture; nididde. Ati Secutity Wayyaanee/OPDO godina wallagga Lixaa Magaalaa Gimbii gidirsaa turtedha jedhu. Kunoo guyyuma adii jarattiin bineentiin kun magaalaa walakkaatti sigombiste jedhankaa;Waaqayyo lubbuukee nuuf haamaaru; sitti haa’araaramuka. By the way, akka hojiikeetti hinjenne; akka araarasaatti malee…akka hojiikeefimmaa lubbuu Qeerroo kumoota hedduu karaaakee bade. Ammas waa aggaamamteetti; #Taajjabbiibira waa’ ga’eera, Yaa Naqamtekoo….ahaaaa Tole!!

#Simaannaa– Guyyaa kallesa G/H/G/Magalaa Amuruuti Goototaa kenyaa mana hidhara bahinfi tasifamee Faqqaadaa Abdisaa Fi Fayyeeraa Kitiilaa

Gama tokkon Qeerroo galaatefacha, har’a artistoota qeerroo waliin turaan irratti qoqobbii gochuun aadmalee.Qamnii sagaanticha qopheessee rakkoo guddaa akka qabu agarsisaa. Hachalu Hundessa Arati killo irraa kilometiraa 4 irratti yeroo xiqii 4killoof situu anee jedhee yeroo geraaruu warri kalleessa Caffee Araaratti suuraa ka’uuf deeman mana isaani ta’ani jireenya gaarii geggessaa turan.
Discrimination on #Oromoo_Artist_ is considered as discrimination on Oromoo’s art, culture and language!!