Touching a fire with Gamo’s hand is illegal and disrespectful!

Touching a fire with Gamo’s hand is illegal and disrespectful!

My friends,

We all oppose the mass arrest but we do also oppose a coup de’tat ; We all need the truth to be told ASAP to avoid confusions but we do also oppose a scaremongering tactics to get a political capital and to destabilize the country. We all condemn the Burayu crime but we do also oppose those who did this crime and those who are using the life of the displaced citizens for a political advantage.

We are aware of the tactics of scaremongering politcs in western countries. Diasporas are using the same tactics in the country. The problem is that they don’t understand that such tactics destabilize our country and it doesn’t fit to our society’s culture and political awareness. Finally, it seems like if you don’t support the other party, you are automatically labeled as ‘zeregna’. Good luck with it.

The Addis youths are now getting who is playing with their names. The people of Addis/Finfine first suspected Dr B.when he made a speech in the stadium after forcing him to call the PM by his name. Dr. B. was reluctant to give them a credit by mentioning either #Abiy‘s administration or #TeamLemma.

The suspicion of the youths have now grown. The youth sees that whatever G7 currently does is clearly for politics and a path for a shortcut to a power. They understand that G7 is trying to get more supporters by a scaremongering and destabilising the Addis and the surroundings. This is unacceptable for a peace loving citizens. The youths are now mad because G7 is distancing itself from the detainees. I pray for the detainees to be released soon.

Whoever the party is, there is and will be NO shortcut to a power. Get yourself organized and be ready for the democratic election.

Via: Saambee Boona

I see many condemning arbitrary mass arrest in Finfinne. Good. How about similar mass arrest in Burayu? The government has publicly announced it arrested hundreds of people. Both sets of prisoners are accused of being part of the recent violence. How come there is no similar outrage for Burayu? The usual bias & hypocrisy!

Another irony is that those who are crying about ‘return to authoritarian return’ were calling up on the government to take decisive action to curb lawlessness in the country. The government seem to have responded to their pressure for firm action to enforce the law.As I have said time and again over the past 6 months, under authoritarian system people obey government due to fear of coercive force ( guns) while in democracy they do so out of respect for the law. In transition from dictatorship to democracy, rule of guns have to replaced by rule of law. In between vacuum is created whereby a country could experience lawlessness and anarchy.

The best and appropriate thing to do is to quickly fill the vacuum, i.e replace rules of gun with rules of law. Arresting anarchists and saboteurs might serve as temporary antidote but could not be a lasting cure. In fact it could pave the way for return to authoritarianism or further conflict. Hence, I strongly suggest for political leaders of the ruling and opposition parties to sit down around the table and negotiate election process so that elected representative will formulate laws that will be accepted and respected by the people. In other words, while security forces try to contain conflict using minimal force, politicians should work towards speeding up the transition to democracy.

Jawar Mohammed

Jechaa kunii natii tole Anii oromo adiidha jedhe wawo…Dr. Trevor Trueman of Oromia Support