The Topmost Anti Oromo Intelligence and Police Officers in TPLF Government.

The Topmost Anti Oromo Intelligence and Police Officers in TPLF Government.

Polisiin Finfinnee har’a ganama sa’a 1:00 (7:00 a.m) irraa jalqabee, daangaa Oromiyaa fi Finfinnee (Alam-Baanki fi Anfoo) giddu polisoota oraali 3n fidani karaa irraa dhaabatani ummata sakkata’a jiran.
Hiriraaf Oromoon akka hingalleef sodaa waan qaban fakkaata. Poolisiin Oromiyaa garuu bakka/iddoo kan hinjiru.

The Topmost Anti Oromo Intelligence and Police Officers in TPLF Government.

Just for the information- people behind the torture justice in Ethiopia during TPLF/EPRDF time.

The following information was received in October 2011 from credible insiders.
Criminal TPLF Personalities in Ethiopian Criminal Justice System
1. Ato Mikeal Taklu, this man was a TPLF fighter while they were in jungle. After TPLF assumed the power he worked in Tigriayi National Regional State Traffic Office. He is a graduate of Civil Service College. After his graduation he worked in anti-Corruption Commission. He played a great role in prosecution of leaders and supporters of CUD after 2005 Ethiopian election crisis. Now he is the Prosecution Head in Ministry of Justice.

This person has two offices in two different institutions: Ethiopian Ministry of justice and Ethiopian Information and Intelligence Service. He is the key man in connecting the prosecution and intelligence War against Oromos. He is also a member of several committees that are working on persecutions of political dissidents and independent Journalists.

He is officially in charge of the so called “Anti-terrorism Investigation and Prosecution Unite” in Ministry of Justice. He is among few individuals that makes critical decision on investigation and prosecution of Oromos in Ethiopia.

His hobby is drinking whisky and forcing Ethiopian women to have sex with him. He is very addictive of both alcohol and forced sex.
2. Berhu T/ Berhan, he is Tigrean born and member of TPLF. He used to be Harromaya University Law School before he was dropped out for his extremely poor academic performance. While he was there his hobby was persecuting Oromo student along side with TPLF security Agents. Throughout his life he has been known for his anti Oromo activities and sentiments. After he dropped out from University Law School, he managed to graduate from St. Marry University college law School. All his class mates and his professors remember him for his supper idiocy and arrogance.

After he appointed as prosecutor in Ministry of Justice he was one of the notorious prosecutor that prosecuted numbers of political decedents and innocent Oromos. He was the one who prosecuted Dr. Behanu Naga and his collogues in court. He won a lot of award for his sworn enmity of political opponents and rooms.

Currently he is working as active member of anti- terrorism investigation and prosecution Unite in Ministry of Justice.
His hobby is chewing Chat and boasting about his evil achievements in prosecuting and ensuring death sentence on Oromos and other political opponents.

3. Ato Mehdin Kiros, This man was one of the senior TPLF commanders during their war against Derg Regime. After that he graduated from Civil Service College. He is an old and very dangerous man. He is the judge who sentenced Derg officials to death after one of funny trail in the history of Ethiopian legal system. He has a direct contact with Melse Zanawi and other senior TPLF leaders.

He is the Vice President of Federal Supreme Court. He is also in charge of all Judges working in Criminal Bench. He has been working very closely with his TPLF friends in Ministry of Justice. He supervises and controls all court trails of political dissidents and Oromos. Usually he is the one who make decision through his subordinate judges in Federal Courts. He is also a very close friend of Ato Mikael Taklu and Berhu T/ Berhan. Usually these are the people who make decisions on investigation, prosecution and adjudication of political opponents and Oromos.