Today’s news in Ethiopia.

Today’s news in Ethiopia.

This morning the Ethiopian parliament has opened in Addis Ababa.
The agenda of this meeting had many faces that were important to the approval of the budget, the country, the security situation of the country and also the news about the wars that occurred in North Ethiopia.
First of all, the prime minister of the country Abiye Ahmed talked about the situation of the country and what the government has done about the conflicts in Tigray region and the success of the government.
At last, Abiye said that he caused a big problem ‘ the team of TPLF and the country and some of the areas that they had been committing for 27 years, saying why the federal government didn’t call it They were the reason for the war, and the government finally took that war. Success that can be reached today that TPLF is not dangerous to aminga and can’t risk the country ‘.
Abiy Ahmed has said that the government is going to remove the ‘ plan ‘ from the Tigray Region ‘ military ‘ for two months.
It deserves to be remembered that TPLF only published yesterday, which includes 7 points that they forgot to take a stop if the government is filed.
Dek dahir: ogaadenia media

Firiin injjifano WBO QBO ABOn durfamu osuma jibbamu arranfamu balalefatamu sadarkka kanarra gahun kaba oromiyya keysati bayye nama gamachisa warra waregama kana bekuu biratii

Hunde Seenaa

Sabboontuun tun har’a paarlaamaa Irratti “Akkam biyyaalloo” Jettee haasaa isii eegalte. Jarri miseensota paarlaamaa itti kolfaa turan. Bara akkam jechuun kolfaa. Ajab 

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