Today’s Ethiopian? Don’t touch him. He is Ethiopia. Mesay Mekonnen!!

Today’s Ethiopian? Don’t touch him. He is Ethiopia. Mesay Mekonnen!!

Don’t touch him. He is Ethiopia. It doesn’t look any other way. It doesn’t have any other color. When he wants to make Ethiopia great, he might have started his religion. To give testimony about the greatness of Ethiopia, he might have built the following belief bridge. He has no agenda beyond Ethiopianism. Don’t care just don’t touch it. There is no other hidden agenda. Yesterday about the greatness of Ethiopia, it was revealed to the wise and the wise by using the religious path. Even today, there is no one who can move away from this Ethiopian religion. Don’t touch him. Take it as much as you touch Ethiopia. Muaze, wisdom is saved, it is more than an individual. Sometimes people with this kind of personality look like a country. Danul we are with you. We are with Ethiopia.

Happy new year 2014 May it be a year of peace??

History has taught us that a person who speaks about Ethiopia’s history, fame and greatness will be the target of the enemies of Ethiopia :: Daniel is that man!! The arrow is thrown from his direction to him :: God is with you!!

Samuel Gezahegn Belachew

Eritrea Prevails
Ethiopia Prevails
And Peace-loving Tigrayan People Prevail

Is it the deal!? That will be on your graveyard! The truth will be prevailed! And maybe be you will make the innocent Eritreans to pay too much cost! While you are in a blindly wish to take other’s properties, you may lost your whole asset!

′′ Wake up, organized and armed people will win ′′
Haile Fida, Haile Fida.
Mr. Nega, who has no economic knowledge to lead a tea house, has been gathered earlier by PM Abiyot Teshome.
…… The prime minister is leading the war that was burned in the wrong way, he is taking Ethiopia to the ground. Now he is solving the issue with speech, with a good English and sound criticism.
It is true that Abiy’s ignorance doesn’t need evidence. We have lost from the serious criticism of EZEMA. They forced them to say ′′ let’s not be ashamed ′′
An idea of Haile Fida has been confirmed by the people of Tigray.

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