IS Tigray State is a country within a country?

IS Tigray State is a country within a country?

“I said many times that Tigrai is becoming an independent state. You might remember that they arrested 43 Ethiopian Federal Police member for entering the territory of Tigrai without recognition from the Regional State. Now, they pardoned Eritreans who they arrested without the knowledge of the Federal Government. We are in very strange time.”
Lammii Beenyaa

“This report says Tigray regional state justice bureau has pardoned Eritreans who entered Ethiopia illegally.

But, whose authority is it to pardon or not to pardon foreigners (Eritreans in this case) who enter Ethiopia illegally? Is it the authority of regional state governments or the federal government?”
Akaakoo Ifaa

Addis Ababa, October 11, 2018 (FBC) –The Tigray regional state has dropped charges against 43 Eritreans.

According to Amanuel Assefa, head of the regional state’s justice bureau, they were charged with entering illegally into the regional state.

They were detained before the peace deal signed between Ethiopia and Eritrea last July, he said.

The regional state dropped the charges against them with a view to elevating the ties between the two countries, he said.