Tigray starts campaign against Turkish drones -Somalia – Gumuz commander escapes prison

Tigray starts campaign against Turkish drones -Somalia – Gumuz commander escapes prison

Tiffany Hadish in Eritrea – US interference in Somalia

Ethiopia: Three News Stories from Tigray, Oromia & Afar

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  1. Eritrean soldiers , Fanos and Amhara militia are terrorists manifesting their horrendous act of terrorism by masscring children, mothers, and elders including priests and monks.

    USA is actually helping you, ye brood of vipers, amhara elites ,and hindering the military advance of TDF who are sacrificing their lives not only to save lives of Tegaru, but to save Ethiopia from total collapse by dismantling the Abiy Amhed led regime which is under the heel of Eritrean psychopathically dictatorial leader , Isayas Afewerk, an arch terrorist, and by installing multi-ethnic leadership that likely stick nations to stay together .

    The US officials are supporting Ethiopian government killing its own people while pretending to in favor of be united Ethiopia . They have already manifested their ego by intimidating the forces who are marching to save lives and unblock humanitarian corridor in the pretxet of preventing the collapse of Ethiopia a term subtly used to support the Abiy Ahmed , its fifth columnist, which is purchasing genocidal machines from the closest allies of the US, United Arab Emirates . While being indifferent to the massacre of Tegaru and rest of nationalities for the past 13 months, apart its mere concerns aimed at saving its face, US is continuously advising its people to leave Ethiopia and willing to finance their departure from the capital. One of the beautiful Ethiopian saying reads: When you are ready to slice the bread , you must have the biggest slice for you.

    Steal a loaf of bread and they hang you, steal a land and they’ll make you king. Hoping Abiy Ahmed will help Amhara elites to steal the land of Tigray, Humera and Welkayit , Amhara elites started to depict Col. Abiy as a king and prophet, drawing a halo around his head like saints and angels . Such strange trend among amhara elites has exposed prosperity party its cult like features mingled with deadly political ideology determined to sacrifice humans for the prolongation and survival of its elites.

    Stop sponsoring Tigray Genocide,while pretending to be utterly concerned and lacking a means and an opening to extend your hands. Victory to the oppressed nationalities in Ethiopia , and western powers should stop subtly backing dictators at the expense of their unsaturated economic interest and so-called Geopolitical Strategy. A false friend is worse than an open enemy ! US has literally killed all our brothers and sisters died for us when it forced TDF to return to Tigray without even willing to open humanitarian corridor for children and mothers dying every day not willing to make a regime change which has nothing to do with total collapse of Ethiopia. Backing a regime killing its people allied with foreign mercenaries like Eritrea, Turkey, Iran and UAE will not make US pro Ethiopians and standing in a favor of a united strong nation in Africa apart from exhibiting its national interest over mass exodus and massacre of Ethiopians for the sake of us backed single party and its leader, Abiy Ahmed, emissary of US.

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