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Thousands of TDF forces enter Amhara and Afar!

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There are still heavy wars going on in the border of Canfarta as they are reporting sources in that region.
The Tigrian rebellion of TPLF has revealed that hundreds of soldiers have been arrested in that war..
The Tigray army said that they have caught hundreds of soldiers in Oromia region who joined the war against TPLF last week.
ilo media says that the ‘ wars will spread to ‘ Canfarta ‘ and afraid that the situation will go out of hand.
However, the war that is going on in North Ethiopia has caused thousands of losses and property destruction and nearly two million people have risen to that war. The Ethiopian government is still talking about claiming that they have caught hundreds of soldiers in the Oromia region and military.
Nj nj.. n Addis Ababa.

Thousands of ‘ Amharas s’ in Gondar and its surroundings are preparing themselves to ‘ put the tongue of the land ‘ some Tigre s’ that took the oppression ‘ as they said.
There is a strong organisation going on in Amhara region and they promised that they will stop the posts they called Juntaw.

Sabir Ali. Bahar-home.

The Tigrian army of TPLF said that they have put the head of the mission in the Eastern part of the Ethiopian Military ‘Awol Yasin’ is what they said. A heavy war that occurred at the border of Canfar and Tigray said that they have caught the ‘ head of the east commander of Ethiopia, Awol Yasin, that’s how they made the speech..
Still the central government of Ethiopia talks about ‘claiming’ TPLF.

Be patient with it. Ali Ogadenia Media Bahar-Dar..

#Ethiopia: The intelligence commander of Ethiopia ‘ Temesgen, said that TPLF is trying to make war between them and Amharas to destroy Ethiopia.
The wars that are going on in the ‘ North Ethiopia ‘ are afraid to spread the ‘ areas of the country.

Sihaam ahmed. Ogaadenia media.. n Addis Ababa Ababa.