This poem is dedicated to Ammanuel Wondimu.

This poem is dedicated to Ammanuel Wondimu.

🎈 I am a Spirit Now – by Giiftii Waaqoo 🎈
It was just another day, at least that was what I thought
Little did I know that I was going to be shot
I was neither a criminal nor a running fugitive
I was never a terrorist nor committed any mischief
I was a young Oromo man who is a native
I was living my life, and at the prime of my youth
Transitioning to adulthood to make the best use
Little did I know that they were after me
To chase, humiliate, torture, and kill me
They forced me to chant until my voice got hoarse
I was hoping to be freed at the end of this hoax
I begged them with my eyes to spare me from death
They pulled the trigger with no mercy on their face
Bang! Bang! Bang!……they shot me more than once
I went down slowly
My knees could not carry me
With my hands tied back
And the crowd shouting loud
Wait! Was that my Mom screaming?
My Dad and Brother shaking and staring?
Or was I dreaming?
My killers,
How do you explain this to your children?
Let me ask you, do you even have one?
Do you have parents or siblings to understand what mine would feel?
Do you think my nation Oromo, would submit through fear?
My people,
Hold your heads up, for we have a goal to pursue
Remember, we never gave up fighting for freedom, nor have we withdrew
I am a spirit now, and a spirit would suffice
Every wind of freedom requires sacrifice
Let me fly high to be with my Creator
I will watch over you and as your motivator
We will raise that flag
”A Luta Continua!”, we will claim that land, so help us, God!
In Memory of Ammanuel Wondimu, who was killed by the terrorist Ethiopian Government Forces in Dembi Dolloo, May 10th, 2021


  1. Absolutely beautiful! THANK YOU Giiftii! Tears are streaming down my cheeks…

    Let us make sure Ammanuel’s blood is not spilt in vain! Nothing less than an Independent Oromo Republic should be acceptable! Yes, we SHALL have our own independent state, not by a gift from Abiy and his murderous sponsors, but by the sacrifices of our people! Rest in Peace Ammanuel!
    Onward to An Independent Oromo Republic!

  2. Indeed, Ammanuel Wondimu, is the freedom ‘spirit now’!

    He’s part of something larger now – every Oromo is connected to his martyrdom. We as Oromo are all part of the bigger picture – Oromummaa, and Ammanuel Wondimu, being one of our young martyrs, is not isolated from the just cause for which our bright sons and daughters have been sacrificed. The sacrifices of our heroes and heroines must serve the rest of the Oromo people as guiding lights through the dark towards our inalienable freedom.

    We must all listen to the sprit of our martyrs and discharge our responsibilities individually as well as collectively as a nation struggling to be free from repression. The magnitude of cruelty in Ammanuel Wondimu’s execution must also awaken Oromo gantuu and galtuu individuals who harm Oromo children to advance the the agendas of anti-Oromo enemies. They must wake up to the reality that by standing in the way of Oromo just cause they are not only hurting the Oromo people but also they are hurting themselves as well as their own children and extended families. Gantuu and galtuu, there is only one right action for you to take – find who you are and abandon who you aren’t. Leave the enemy camp and join the Oromo struggle – Ammanuel Wondimu’s blood will cleanse your wrongs if you have the courage to abandon being enemy stooges and join the Oromo struggle for justice. Step into your fear bubbles. Use your access to power and resources to protect your people and join the ranks of Oromo heroes and heroines.

    To qeerroo and qarree in particular and the great Oromo people in general: Your struggle for just cause is commendable and your freedom is inalienable. Take responsibility to free yourselves both individually as well as collectively – work in unison towards realizing your independence. The martyrdoms of your heroes and heroines must lead you to self consciousness as well as strong unity and serve you to achieve your freedom. Oromia shall be free!

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