This is Ethiopia-Empty Vessel!!

This is Ethiopia-Empty Vessel

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  1. More woes to come for the troubled neo-naftagna front-man, Abiy Ahmed, who has chosen to alienate the great Oromo people and nation nationalities of Ethiopia in order to achieve naftagna dreams of restoring Imperial Ethiopia. Qeerroo and qarree paid ultimate prices to remove TPLF from power, and entrusted Abiy Ahmed and Lemma Megerssa with their victory to just realize that the former TPLF donkeys have chosen to become the energized mules of the naftagna, their sinking masters.

    The naftagna who have taken advantage of Abiy Ahmed’s inflated ego of becoming the 7th King of Ethiopia and his political immaturity and naivety turned the neo-naftagna frontman on the very people, who brought him to power and would have been his source authority. Ironically, the naftagna ideologues of the neo-naftagna regime themselves exposed their lack of political understanding as well as their absolute naivety to the reality of Ethiopia. By trying to turn the clock back to the dead Imperial Ethiopia era, the neo-naftagna regime is just pushing the Ethiopian peoples towards seeking alternatives, self-defense and self-determination. They still sleepwalk in the 19th century and have forgotten the people whom they are vilifying are the ones who can determine whether the gangsters and gangs roaming Addis Ababa/Finfinnee will have their next meal.

    Oromo, nation nationalities of Ethiopia: Your rights to self rulers/self determination are inalienable, and you are not obliged to carry the naftagna parasites on your shoulders anymore. Remember, the regime which dehumanizes, incarcerate your leaders and bright children, mass kill you, by letting loose security forces and armed “Fano”, in your villages and ancestral lands does not have any authority to collect taxes from you. Say no to the neo-naftagna regime and rally behind truth and just causes in unison.

    “No one can ride on the back of a man unless it is bent”!

    Victory to the great Oromo people and nation nationalities of Ethiopia!

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