This is a criminal coverup political assassination.

This is a criminal coverup political assassination.

The killing of Abere Adamu, the former head of ethnic Amhara “Hutu militia” locally known as the Amhara Special Forces, the forces responsible for the crimes of genocide and ethnic cleansing on the Tigray people, the Gumuz people, and the Oromo people, is a criminal coverup killing.
The Amhara Special forces killing squads and the Ginbot Sebat-Ezema urban guerrilla groups are believed to have committed the Burayu massacre, the Shashamane city burning(on the night of Artist Haacaalu’s assassination) , and the killings following the assassination attempts on Jawar Mohammed.
These crimes, including the aforementioned crimes of genocide and ethnic cleansing, are crimes only organized entities, mainly, criminal regimes with strong layers of chains of command, are capable of committing.
Abere Adamu could not have committed any of these organized crimes alone!
They killed him barely a week after removing him as the head of the criminal cartel so that he may not implicate his superiors if they either charge him locally or let him leave Ethiopia to return to Sweden where he could have been tried, and implicated them.
All concerned local and international bodies must call for an independent investigation into the circumstances of Mr. Abere Adamu’s death to uncover the chain of command behind the bloodshed and the ongoing crises in Ethiopia.
My condolences to his family, relatives and friends.

Doktorri Abarra Addaamuuf yaalii godhe, Dr. Haabtaamuu Yene’ab jedhama. Torban darbe “nu gahe” jechaa ture. Warri mormii “nu gahe” jedhu taasisaa turan, Abarran qabamee hidhaa nuuf habu’u jechaa turan. Namichi Oromoof gaarii hin turre. Garuu dhibee onneetiin du’e kan jedhu waan hin fakkaanne dha. Akkuma barame wal galaafatan. Ajaja eenyutin akka ta’e waaqa gurraachatu beeka. Asaaminew irratti dhugaa baatee jirta jedhanii itti duulaa turan.

𝕿𝔥𝔢 𝕱𝔦𝔫𝔣𝔦𝔫𝔫𝔢 𝕴𝔫𝔱𝔢𝔯𝔠𝔢𝔭𝔱 𝕾𝔱𝔞𝔱𝔦𝔬𝔫

Now, it’s naive to think his death is natural. For many reasons:
1. Abere Adamu was just removed from his Amhara Police Commissioner post a week ago over a series of disagreements with Abiy and Birhanu Jula on how Abere was acting following Tigray war.
2. The disagreement is on how fast he seeks to restore what they call is “Amhara rist land.” In a way, Abere was junior Asamino Tsige.
3. Abere Adamu had no clean hand. Fano militia acted like a mad dog in western Tigray under his command and control. He was going too fast about “restoring their rist land”, which Abiy wasn’t happy about. Abere wanted to take all of Tigray NOW; whereas Abiy wanted a slow death of Tigray after TPLF moved out of Mekelle.
4. Then, their disagreement continued in how fast they wanted to “restore Amarah’s rist land in Metekel.” Abere had an active participation in that front as well, along the wealthy guy- Worku Ayitenew. Abere was also preparing for Wolllega war a few weeks ago.
5. Many Amhara including Abere think that Abiy defaulted on his promises after they helped him fight Tigray. They don’t care the international pressure Abiy is experiencing with the war crime in Tigray and crime against humanity in Oromia.
5. Abere’s death is more like an assassination than anything else. The moral of the story is: whether you are a servant or an enemy to Abiy, the end goal is a physical or political death. E.g: Se’are, Gezahi, Ambachew, Asaminew Tsige, Lama, etc.
6. Abiy is a dangerous human being who has no human fear. For Abiy, death/killing is an effective means to a certain political goal.
7. What should Amhara people do? First of all, they have the right to know the cause of the death of Abere Admasu. The government should release the post-Mortem examination report as quickly as possible. If there is any question as to the neutrality or impartiality of the report, then they should seek the autopsy to be done in the neighboring country such as Sudan or Kenya etc.
8. Amhara people should also stop canonizing Abiy as a matter of policy, for their own interest. If Abiy is not good for Ethiopia, he certainly is not good for Amhara either.
9. Also, the animosity that Abiy created b/n Amhara & Tegaru is something serious that needs deep reflection. It’s not good for any future stability, if there will ever be one.

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  1. It seems a political assassination to remove this dangerous person for Abiy and the so called “Ethiopia”.

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