This Eritrean license plate car is pictured in Addis today.

This Eritrean license plate car is pictured in Addis today. Eritreans are freely fighting in Tigray “in order to protect their national security interests” since the EDF was not there to defend Ethiopia’s borders, Prime Minister Abiy told us.
Now, Eritreans are freely driving on Addis Ababa streets “in order to protect their economic and political interests” since Ethiopia do not have government and laws that will do so, he will tell us.
Tomorrow, Kenyans, Sudanese, Djiboutians, Somalians, and Egyptians will come “to protect their national political, economic, and security interests.“
They do not need any invitations. Who invited Eritreans?
Do not tell me saying “Sudan invaded Gonder.” They have every right to protect their national security interests, including coming to Addis, if they think their national interests are at risk!
Why not them? Why only Eritrea?
The question rather is “who else is left to come in?
Birhanemeskel Abebe Segni

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  1. Eritrean high level officials are in Addis Ababa called by the Federal govt
    of Ethiopia for the current emergency so Eritrea help the Ethiopian electoral board safely conduct the upcoming Ethiopian national elections.

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