They disrespected everything we stand for. #Irreecha2020 #OromoProtests

They disrespected everything we stand for.
Aadaa fi seenaa Oromoo kabajuu didan.

#Irreecha2020 #OromoProtests

Didne dida
Didduutu fala fida.
Qeerroof Qarreen Oromoo Irreeffachuuf mana baane waranaa Abiy Iddoo Horaa Finfinnee Danqamnee jirra. uffataa Aadaa, Qarshii fi bilbilaa keenyaas samaamnee hidhaati guuramaa jirra jedhu.
Jiraaree salphinni kana caalee?

Irreecha Hora lamaanii fi siyaasa biyyattii itti anu

Hirmaattonni Irreecha Hora Har-Sadee 2020 maal jedhu?

Hirmaattoonni Irreechaa Hora Har-Sadee godinaalee garaa garaa irraa dhufan waa’ee ayyaanichaa waan BBCtti himan qabu.

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  1. The solution, Oromo, qeerroo and qarree, is rising up in unison and defending Oromummaa as well as the great Oromo people. Period! Certainly, our needless tolerance and hesitation to retaliate when they harm us has encouraged them to abuse and repress us with impunity. We must use our immense potential and power to push back and avert the existential threat we have faced as the Oromo nation.

    In order to stress why standing up to oppression is extremely essential, I thought to share an excerpt from Dr Jordon B. Peterson’s book as follows:

    Dr Peterson, a Psychology Professor, states that “… the truly appalling potential of anger and aggression to produce cruelty and mayhem are balanced by the ability of … primordial forces to push back against oppression, speak truth, and motivate resolute movement forward in times of strife, uncertainty and danger”… With their capacity for aggression strait-jacketed within too-narrow morality, those who are only merely compassionate and self-sacrificing (and naïve and exploitable) cannot call forth the genuinely righteous and appropriately self-protective anger necessary to defend themselves. If you can bite, you generally don’t have to. When skillfully integrated, the ability to respond with aggression and violence decreases rather than increases the probability that actual aggression will become necessary. If you say no, early in the cycle of oppression, and you mean what you say (which means you state your refusal in no uncertain terms and stand behind it) then the scope for oppression on the part of oppressor will remain properly bounded and limited. The forces of tyranny expand inexorably to fill the space made available for their existence. People who refuse to muster appropriately self-protective territorial responses are laid open to exploitation as much as those who genuinely can’t stand up for their own rights because of a more essential inability or a true imbalance in power.”

    Oromo! You are greater than your inferior enemies if you understand your power and rise up in unison to defend yourselves and free yourselves from the oppression of the naftagna system and the tyranny of the neo-naftagna regime of Abiy Ahmed. Oromo “elites”, the Oromo people are yearning for great leadership which measures up to the greatness of the nation. Fill the gaps!

    “No one can ride on the back of a man unless it is bent!”

    Oromia shall be free!

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