Take them Seriously; Let them take Accountability Seriously!!!

Take them Seriously; Let them take Accountability Seriously!!!

The rally in Mekelle shouldn’t be used as a way of blocking accountability of TPLF officials implicated in crime, corruption, torture, and all sorts of atrocities that violate fundamental human rights of citizens.

However, all other concerns, fears, and anxieties of the wider Tigrayan public should be properly addressed with the necessary sensitivity to their fears and concerns, real and imagined.

Also, while we believe that, as a people, they have full right to self-determination (as per the provisions of the constitution) and while we also reckon that it is not beneficial for Tigray and its citizens to secede, we as a people should not mock their interest to take that option.

If anything, that a section of our society is contemplating the option of leaving us should strike us as heartbreaking as alarming. It should be causing us to listen to them and dialog with them in good faith.

On their part, they should do well not be using the right to self-determination as a strategic ploy to get away with the crimes of TPLF officials. On the other hand, the government on its part, ought to hasten to engage the peoples of Tigray sensitively, sensibly, and with a sense of responsibility.

After all, we need to remember that, above all else, the right to self-determination is the right to be taken seriously.

Whether we like it or not, as a government, we must take people seriously We need to take ALL PEOPLES seriously, including and especially the ones we don’t always agree with.

Anything less is a neglect of governmental and constitutional responsibility.



Tsegaye Ararssa

“Aadde Biraanee Barihee fi Asaffaa namoonni jedhaman Zoonii/magaalaa Kamashiirraa miliqanii deema akka jiran gaafa 06/12/2018 gabaafamee ture. Haata’u malee, sa’a ammaa magaalaa Asoosaa naannoo maazoriyaatti mullatanii jiru.
Kanaaf qaamni nageenyaa naannoo sanatti argamuu shakkamtoota yakka kana to’annoo jala akka nuu oolchu jechuun iyyatanii jiru.
Akkuma beekamuu jarreen kun buqqaatiifi dhumaatii BG keessaatti uummata Oromoofi Amaaraa irratti raawwatamee keessaa harka qabu jechuun midhamtooti himataa jiru. Qaamni nageenyaafi humni ittisa biyyaa tumsa gootanii to’annoo jala ni oolchitu kan jedhu abdii qabna.”

Stop Land Grabbing in Oromia!!

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  1. Well said Dr Tsegaye Ararssa! Constutional right to self determination must be respected for all citizens and nation nationalities in that country. Citizens must also be congratulated for exercising their constitutional rights. They must be listened to and taken seriously.

    Nevertheless, serious questions must be asked when TPLF, which has robbed the country, tortured people from all walks of lives, disappeared people, carried out ethnic cleansing in Oromia, Somali region, Amhara region, Gambella, etc., and caused untold misery in the 21st century, threaten to secede Tigray in order to escape accountability. However clever they might think they are, they need to pause a while and think that they have debts to pay. Millions have suffered in their hands;they used government structures to carry out crimes against humanity in a country they ruled for 27 years.

    Ironically, they have either failed to understand the magnitude of their crimes or too arrogant to think that they can still shout down on the people they caused unprecedented tragedies. However deep theier delusions might be, the Ethiopian people will not let them get away with their loot. They will face justice one day and learn what respecting the constitution really is. Criminals should face justice; period.

    I hope that the Tigray people are conscious of the TPLF officials’ motives (plots to cover up their 3 decades crimes), and will have ethical decency to say ‘not in our name again’. At some points in my life I had opportunities to meet decent and ethical Tigrians either in education or as neighbours or in professional engagements. I can confidently declare that those individuals I had acquaintance with were the most decent human beings. This gives me the confidence to have hgih expectations from the Tigray people despite of TPLF atrocities. Given the seriousness of the crimes (against citizens, the country and humanity) committed by TPLF in the 27 years they ruled Ethiopia with impunity, it begs for questions sakes how they would dare to decry ‘respect for the constitution’. How would they dare that the Tigray people will be their accomplices? Did Getachew Assefa, for instance, report to the Tigray people when he masterminded and executed inhumane crimes in Ethiopia?

    One thing must be clear to any sane member of the TPLF group. Respecting the constitution entails taking accountability for the crimes masterminded by TPLF officials and carried out in that country. The streets of the country are still haunted by the bloods of innocent citizens spilled by Agazi forces; tortured victims are still suffering from the cruelty they were subjected to by TPLF security forces; billions of dollars robbed by TPLF officials are not yet retuned to the country; those disappeared by TPLF security are still missing; those forced into exile are still suffering in foreign lands.

    If TPLF prefers seceding Tigray rather than taking accountability, the Ethiopian people have the right to demand justice, and, of course, TPLF officials and companies will be forced to return the wealth they have looted.

    May common sense and justice prevail in the country of Ethiopia for once!


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