The world will eventually realize the facts behind the shocking terrorism against the Oromo people!

The world will eventually realize the facts behind the shocking terrorism against the Oromo people!












Kidnaping someone who was only using incredible peaceful languages, and who was trying to advise his supporters about the importance of lawfulness is more than a political crime!
Mr. Abdii Raggaasaa must be released!!!

Jaal Abdii Raggaasaa bakka geessitanii baasaa Mootummaa Abbaa irree kolonel Abiyot si gaafataa jirra akkasuma Dhimma Jaal Abdii irratti bbc Afaan oromo waan gabaasan wal dhageessisaa


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  1. Indeed, the world will wake up to Abiy Ahmed’s government violence against the Oromo people very soon! Questions are already being asked, and records are kept. Above all, the Oromo people’s bitter struggle for just cause will achieve its goals and the great people will free themselves from the Ethiopian tyranny through their relentless struggle. Martin Luther King made compelling remarks decades ago why freedom of the oppressed is inevitable:

    “Oppressed people cannot remain oppressed forever. The yearning for freedom eventually manifests itself, … Something within reminded him (the oppressed) of his birthright of freedom, and something without has reminded him that it can be grained”.

    Abiy Ahmed who came to power, on the blood of qeerroo and qarree in particular and the blood of the Oromo people in general, did not hesitate to betray the people who, supposedly, would have been his strong constituent base. On his inaugural speech, he undusted the history of the infamous past kings of imperial Ethiopia and glorified them, adding insults to the injuries of the Oromo people and other nations of Ethiopia who were subjected to genocides and ethnic cleansing in the hands of Abiy Ahmed’s role models. Surviving neftegna and neo-neftegna who spotted Abiy Ahmed’s inflated ego of becoming the “7th king” of Ethiopia got excited at their luck and flocked in from their hiding safe heavens to fill the vacuum. They understood that he is a moral coward and political naive with shallow understanding of Ethiopian past, but a coldblooded opportunistic who is willing to inflict sufferings to the people who helped him to ascend the power ladder.

    At the request of the anti-Oromo lunatic fringes, Abiy Ahmed has embarked on finishing the job which the neftegna could not finish – destroying the great Oromo people and other historically oppressed peoples of Ethiopia. He (Abiy Ahmed) has surrounded himself with anti-Oromo debteras such as Daniel Kibret, the quasi philosopher like Dagnachew Shiferaw, the “Ezema” leader such as Berhanu Nega (who is behind Abiy’s PP), gantuu and galtuu individuals such as Lencho Bati, etc. Mind you, Dagnachew Shiferaw once boasted that he was the tutor of Shimelis Abdissa and disclosed that Abiy Ahmed also asked him to explain Machiavelli to him. He (Mr Shiferaw) did not stop there; he praised Hailesilassie for grasping Machiavelli’s ideas and dealing with his rivals accordingly (he particularly admired the way Hailesilassie dealt with Ali Mohammed aka Ra’s Mikael and certain Ligaba). However, Mr Dagnachew Shiferaw complained that Abiy was “too slow to understand Machiavelli”, showing indecisiveness in dealing with his opponents. Congratulations Mr neftegna; Abiy Ahmed has emerged to be more anti-Oromo and emerging dictator than Hailesilassie.

    Nevertheless, Abiy Ahmed’s misadventure and misrule is going to have severe consequences for the dream king himself and imperial Ethiopia while freedom may dawn for the great Oromo people and the oppressed peoples of Ethiopia, including the Amhara people in whose name the neftegna have traded. Abiy Ahmed was promoted to lead EPRDF by the regime which was on its death bed, gasping for its last breath in the same manner in which the Italian fascist, Benito Mussolini, was asked to become prime minister by a weak king, who was struggling to hold to power. What is more, Madeleine Albright (2018), in her book, Fascism: A Warning, narrates Mussolini’s end as follows:

    ‘Thomas Edison hailed him as the “genius of the modern age”; Gandhi as a “superman”. Winston Churchill pledged to stand by him in his “struggle against the bestial appetites of Leninism”. Newspapers in Rome, host to the Vatican, referred to him as “the incarnation of God”. In the end, people who had worshipped his every move hung his corpse upside down next to his mistress’s near a gas station in Milan’.

    Well, a careful evaluation of Abiy Ahmed’s paths to power and his record so far exhibits significant similarities to that of Benito Mussolini. The neo-neftegna and his murderous security forces will not spare him if he continues his wrong doings. As for the great Oromo people, the more Abiy Ahmed moves to satisfy the request of the anti-Oromo neo-neftegna, carrying out genocidal violence against the our people, the more resolved we will become and the closer we come to achieving our freedom. Yes, we are in “hard times in which a genius would wish to live. Great necessities call forth great leaders”. Oromo talents must pull together and lead our people towards their inalienable God given freedom.

    The great Oromo people will overcome!

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