The Suicidal attempt to disavow Oromo Nationalism by OPDO and the EPP

The suicidal attempt to disavow Oromo Nationalism by OPDO and the EPP
(By Sultan Kassim Genna)

OPDO was established by #war_captives of Derg by the TPLF in Adet as means to acess the wider Oromia Region. Since their establishment they have served as instrument to continue the domination of the Central government in Ethiopia.The central government always had an exploitative and extractive economic relation with Oromos and other Nations in Ethiopia particularly to the south. OPDO has been the #major_route through which the Central government was #extracting resources and repressing dissenting views in Oromia.

Majority of the leadership in OPDO has been non Oromos who speak Afaan Oromo (some say arround 60%) and has no intention in protecting Oromo interests except their overlords and their own.They see Oromo nationalism as #existential_threat to their privilage and benefit. This has always been at the background of every OPDO leader until now.

After the gallant sacrifice of the Oromo, Amhara and other nationalities youth, some progressive forces emerged from within OPDO and ANDM that cahallanged the establishment. However since the political establishment working against national and group interests is strong in this party, the #progressive_elements were #short_lived and removed from power and influence one after the other. Some were silenced.

Eventhough OPDO was trying to shake the shmeful history it has with the Oromo by changing its name to ODP, it remained the same with no fundamental change but name. The old mentality and the old guys continued intact with minor exchange in places.This has led to nationalist and progressive forces in Oromia to #lose_hope in the promises of change and transition.The major supporters who backed this party and the progressive elements dropped out one by one. This has culminated by the recent move of #Jawar_Mohammed to contest the establishment in the upcoming national Election.

Now this same old OPDO mentality is turned to EPP with a major move to push nationalism out of Ethiopian Politics.The main target are Oroms and Oromo nationalism that is seen as a stumbling block to continue with their system of exploitation and domination.

What we have seen from the talks about the unified party and yesterday from its constitution, national interests and identities have no place or representation. It overtly aims at dashing out national voices in the composition and workings of the party.

The contest in the comming election in will be Survival of #Multinational_Federalism vs #Continued domination of #unitarists through EPP. Multinational Federal Ethiopia is the only way to survive as a state.