The situation of the Horn of Africa region,

The situation of the Horn of Africa region, the danger that is waiting for Somalia in the new year 2021.

Part of the second.

Somali people say what made a coward and a strong mouth!!! I am wondering what happened to Abiy Ahmed’s project of the Horn of Africa and the war of Tigray region.
What did Tigray understand and don’t understand us, isn’t it part of Ethiopia that Abiy Ahmed wants to unite other countries in the Horn of Africa?
Why did Abye Ahmed agree with Assias Afweki and fight with TPLF leader (the freedom fighter of the Tigray people) what is hidden from us and it will be removed from behind?
– Abiy Ahmed, the leader of the change that won the award of peace (Nobel Peace Prize 2019), but changed to Kalitalis want to hold a secret power in East Africa. A leader who failed in the administration of Ethiopia, how can we believe about the whole region?
* So what is hidden from us? Is our leader being deceived?
Or is our leader deceiving us and part of the hidden plan?
* The projects that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed came out when he won the leadership of that country who became the first leader of the Oromo people, and at the same time he can have an impact on Somalia or it is two things that seemed to be satisfied with our leader who doesn’t understand much.
From the ′′ geopolitics ′′ knowledge “.
1. Regional integration project (Regional Integration) which is meant to be built a government or what is known as Confederation Union in Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia and Djibouti, all the time it is good to look at the regions. They unite a development that is part of the foreign agenda (African Agenda 2063) to help each other to share the other side, but the project of Abiy Ahmed and Assias Afwerki is hidden underground and Farmajo don’t understand Camelana (The president of Djibouti) has understood.
The aim of this project is two different things.
1.. Since the Ethiopian civilians are going to increase 100 million and then they will find a land in drought, there is no place where Somalia will be celebrated.
2.. And that Ethiopia and Eritrea are managing the white hand together, after Ethiopia has an army that is the second project of Abiy Ahmed Somalia.
.. The second project of Abiy Ahmed, is rebuilding the Ethiopian sea army that was sent to Eritrea after 1996 years. The more they cut it off.
* A month after Mr. Abiy took over the office in 2018, he told his parliament to rebuild the Ethiopian sea army, that step took many people but he was confirmed after 2019 Building for the Ethiopian sea army has been given to Colonel, Gedo Jezo, whereas the city of Bahir Dar in Amhara region…
* There is an agreement between France and Ethiopia which is a military cooperation, defense and training of the sea soldiers, which is a French officer who took over the work.
* These issues are coming soon to say General Berhanu Jula who is now the general commander of the Ethiopian Army and at the right hand of Abiy Ahmed, ′′ it is impossible that foreign countries come from far and have a long way and have a effect on each other. The water of the region, Ethiopia whose people are above 100 millions of water and lack of water ′′
It’s a dangerous speech when it’s taken care of where it is, it’s the water and sea of Somalia, but unfortunately we should be careful, investigated, and leave it alone, our leader is part of Abiy’s project in the Horn. Africa is all in control.
There are hidden agreements between president Farmaajo and Eritrea, about this project and that Ethiopia uses parts of the port of Somalia, and the agreements when president Farmaajo returns to the bad, the parliament should be taken to the parliament. And they are working on how president Farmajo would come back.
The speech of Gen. Look at the picture section of Julia who is written in English..