The Sidama Nation Mourns the Sudden Death of kalaa ‘Yosef Sibu Guraro’ Who’s Passed in Las Vegas’s family house.

The Sidama Nation Mourns the Sudden Death of kalaa ‘Yosef Sibu Guraro’ Who’s Passed in Las Vegas’s family house.

(A4O, April 11, 2020) The Sidama nation is deeply disturbed and mourns the sudden death of its unwavering nationalist, one of formidable Human rights activists and the renowned advocate for the Sidama’s national self-realisation and self-governance. He has passed away in his home on the midday of April 10, 2020 Las Vegas (Nevada) local time.

Yosef has battled with the Covid19 for the last two weeks and has fully recovered from the illness. Besides, he remained in his isolation room until his final day within the family house. During the midday of April 10, 2020 local time, his wife prepared a meal and knocks at his room door to leave it for him. She has done so since he has isolated himself to protect his kids and her. During the time she has left his meal and fluids at the door, she saw him accessing his computer. He has also advised her that he has fully recovered and not to worry.

After some time since she returned to the lounge (salon) on the ground floor where kids were playing; she heard huge bang from the upper floor and rushed to his room to find him lying on the floor. Subsequently, she called for an ambulance. Within two minutes the Paramedics (Ambulances) were there but unable to save the Sidama’s hero from his death. Yosef has suddenly left his wife and kids deeply traumatised and the nation extremely saddened.

Kalaa Yosef Sibu’s persistence and unwavering determination is seen as a symbol of the Sidama’s national resistance and by the enemy as Ethiopian empire’s foe as he has battled with the unionist in Las Vegas and its environs; where he has worked and lived for the entire time since he has moved to the USA over 15 years ago.

Furthermore, kalaa Yosef Sibu is one of the SNLF’s founding and executive committee members. His contribution since he has joined the SNLF has been enormous. He has tirelessly worked day and night for the Sidama’s national cause with those who have devoted their lives for the same cause. Moreover, he has also continually live streamed on social Medias to inform the Sidama nation and the wider subjugated nations and peoples of Ethiopia with larger emphasis on fighting for a common good in unison.

Kalaa Yosef was in Kenya’s refugee camp (Kakuma) for a considerable period of time before moving to the United States of America about 15 years ago.

Kalaa Yosef will be missed by his little kids, his wife and the wider Sidama nation. His body is waiting to a rest after the decision of the Las Vegas authorities who have a protocol on how to bury those who are affected with (Covid19).

The SNLF sends its deepest condolences to his wife, children, family and the wider Sidama nation. We also kindly advise all Sidama community- in particular those who are in the USA to do all it takes to continually support his young family at this difficult time.

The Sidama National Liberation Front (SNLF), April 11, 2020

A Year on since a Historic Gaado Furra has Voiced Nation’s Grievance in the Sidama Capital; The Handover of the Power to the Nation Yet to Materialise.

By Denboba Natie, Edinburgh, Scotland

(A4O, April 09, 2020) On the early hours of April 09, 2019, the Sidama Women, girls, elderly ladies and grannies staged on a peaceful government’s response delay- demonstration in the Sidama capital, Hawassa. The scorching Hawassa sun didn’t deter them from their mission as the day has progressed. Perhaps it was the first in its kind and composition of the participants in the African soil, not only in Ethiopia. The estimated number of over one (1) million Sidama women and girls in their colourful Sidama costume came out of their entire Sidama districts to show their national grievances to the rulers. However, the PM surrounded by anti-Sidama unionist advisers didn’t say a single word about the Sidama women’s demonstration to this date demonstrating how much he belittles and hates the nation.

The Sidama women’s demonstration was initiated by these groups due to the delay in fixing the date for the Sidama referendum that guarantees the nation of its constitutional rights to a national regional statehood. Sadly, to date the cause Gaado Furra has echoed hasn’t been responded apart from running of the referendum on the 20th of November 2019 whose result was staggering 98.52% in favour of Sidama statehood.

The Sidama nation commemorates this an historic day in nation’s anti-oppression peaceful resistance history as significant milestone in Sidama’s female population contribution and in adding their signature in a traditionally patriarchal society. Their historic action has transcended traditional belief and seen above the traditional assumption on women’s assignment mainly as a household chores bearers.

The Sidama however traditionally asserts that Women are the foundation of the society; and believes without their presence the life and the society can’t continue to exist. Furthermore, historically, the Sidama women have got a very strong association known as ‘Yakiissa’ through which they had effectively defended their rights since time immemorial.

Historically, the Sidama nation has demanded its national rights to be restored since the nation has lost its political and economic power to the invading Abyssinian king, Minelik II’s army in late 1890s. Ever since the nation has been occupied- it has never silently rested and voluntarily allowed its rights to be crushed. Instead, the nation has challenged the successive Abyssinian rulers in different forms and shapes; and the quest has continued to this date.

Due to this quest tens of thousands of Sidama civilians were massacred by the successive Ethiopian rulers. Since the new PM, Dr Abiy Ahmed came to power in April 2018, over 212 Sidama civilians were executed and between 3000 and 3500 civilians were unlawfully arrested and remain in various prison cells throughout the country. Recently, some of those (Ejjeetto leaders) were released after unlawfully incarcerating them for 8 months since July 17, 2019 for no apparent and justifiable reasons. As we speak, there are several hundreds of Sidama politicians and activists commonly known as ‘Ejjeetto’ prisoners arrested in relation to these quests by the current regime in Sidama land and in Hosaena Zone, nearly 200km away from their families and the nation at large.

The Sidama nation is demanding these Sidama prisoners to be unconditionally released as the danger of Covid-19 looms. At the current climate, keeping the Sidama and the other prisoners in entire Ethiopia in their cells equates to sentencing them all to death penalty. The Sidama nation is urging the government to unconditionally release the Sidama, the Oromo and the rest prisoners in Ethiopia. The Sidama also urges the government to immediately handover the Sidama State power to the nation by desisting from joking on our nation. It is imperative to assert that, since the declaration of Sidama victory by the national election board post November 20, 2019 Sidama referendum, the Sidama national regional state (SNRS) must obtain its regional budget to fight poverty, and the current Covid-19 pandemic in addition to planning for its own priorities and objectives.

Finally, I propose April 09 to be honoured in respect of the Sidama women and girls. Therefore, it needs to be commemorated as a historic Sidama Women ‘Gaado Fuura’ day on yearly basis.

I Salute Your Bravery and inde
finability the Sidama Women and Girls!

Furra Gaadanonke Agaxxeommo’ne!!

Stay Safe by Staying Apart for Some time!

April 09, 2020- By Denboba Natie, Edinburgh, Scotland

የቀድሞ የአየር ወለድ አሰልጣኝ እና ቀደምት የሲዳማ መብት ተሟጋች አቶ ዮሴፍ ሲቡ አረፉ። ህልፈታቸው ከኮሮና ጋር ተያይዟል።
አቶ ዮሴፍ ሲቡ ላለፉት ሳምንታት በኮርና ቫይረስ ተጠቅተው በህክምና ማገገሚያ ውስጥ የነበሩ ሲሆን ከበሽታው አገግመው ኔቫዳ ወደሚኘው መኖሪያ ቤታቸው ተመልሰው ነበር። “ትናንት ማታ ባልተለመደ መልኩ ትንፋሻቸው እየተቆራረጠ የድካም ስሜት ከተሰማቸው በኋላ ህይወታቸው ሊያልፍ ችሏል” በማለት ባለቤታቸው ለማለዳ ሚድያ አስታውቀዋል።

አቶ ዮሴፍ ሲቡ በሲዳማ ክልል ቦርቻ ወረዳ የተወለዱ ሲሆን ከኢትዮጵያ ከተሰደዱ በኋላ በርካታ ግዜያትን በተለያዩ ክፍላተ አለሞች ሲዘዋወሩ ቆይተው ህይወታቸው እስካለፈችበት እለት ድረስ በአሜሪካ ላስ ቬጋስ ኔቫዳ ነዋሪ ነበሩ።

Rediet Tamire