The Sidama Ejjeetto and Oromo Qeerroo Must Urgently Work Together

BREAKING AND URGENT! The Sidama Ejjeetto and Oromo Qeerroo Must Urgently Work Together to Foil the Enemy Set-Up Trap to Cause Bloodshed Between Both Fraternal Nations!

Sidama National Liberation Front -SNLF, March 03, 2019

The enemies of both Oromo and Sidama nations have repeatedly attempted to set them up at each-others to fight a meaningless war in the last 27 years. However, such maliciously planned repeated plots of the enemies during the entire periods of TPLF/EPRDF’s barbaric rule have failed due to heroic, sensitive and wise mitigation of conflicts by the elders of both the greatest Kush nations. And, such commendable brave and wise actions of the Oromo and Sidama nations has maintained peace and fraternity of amazing nations who share tremendous similarities in the aspects of culture, psycho-social makeup, moral and spiritual attributes. If it wasn’t for a genuine unity and fraternity of the Oromo and Sidama nations; both nations could have ended up at logger heads with one another.

Furthermore, we can tell with the degree of certainty that won’t happen simply because our unity is impregnable whose foundation is cemented on solid historical unity and fraternity that never flinches due to temporarily masterminded hullaballoo of the enemies within and external. Kudos to the elders, Qeerroo and Ejjeeto of both nations, the fact dictates otherwise.

Besides, the enemy is hell-bent on continuing with its attempts of plots on masterminding further conflicts between both nations in boarding areas at this critical time for the future direction of Ethiopian politics and country at large. The enemy under the pretexts of demands for territorial claims is planning to ignite full scale conflicts with grand objective of creating endless animosity and instability. This is happening at we speak in Sidama national regional state, Banssa district, Hamasho-Borana Farmers’ association where it neighbours with Oromia’s Worqa district where the culprits are said to be arming some groups to claim that the Oromo nation is attacking Sidama. The same plots are unfolding in Sidama’s Harbagona district neighbouring Oromia’s Arsi Zone, Kokosa district where the Sidama people lived with their Oromo brothers in peace and harmony for several generations. The indicated Sidama peasants between 50 and 70 households were displaced and subsequently obliged to leave their homes in their cousins’ land of Oromia. Although this is painful for the affected households, we know who is our enemies thus never believe that our fraternity will be challenged with the plots of our arch enemies.

We strongly believe that, our unity is natural that must be maintained, nurtured and further consolidated; and this must be demonstrated in action. If the Sidama and Oromo nations are able to effectively manage to mitigate conflicts when the enemy was in power for the last 27 years; we remotely expect the previous kind of conflict to persist whilst the Oromo leaders are at the helm of power and political driving seats. Therefore, PM Dr Abiy Ahmed and obbo Lama Magarsa must take full responsibility for such actions-if there is foul play involved in the process of igniting war between cousin nations of Oromo and Sidama. We are arguing so simply because we are 100% certain that unless there is foul play, the Oromo and Sidama nations never quarrel with each other apart from brotherly and minor traditional skirmishes that get easily resolved with wise mitigation of the elders of both gallant nations.

Therefore, finally, the Oromo Qeerroo and Sidama’s counterpart Ejjeetto must call for an urgent conference in the areas affected to hold grand scale normalisation forum to root out the enemies with their malicious plots. We must know that our fates are sealed together forever- for good and worst. Therefore, it is imperative to assert that the strength of our unity and fraternity potentially brings better future for both nations and the country at large.

Furthermore, both greatest Kush nations with immense natural resources and wealth; and traditional democracy and values that predate all the civilisations of the world can indeed forge an exemplary democracy in free, independent and inter-dependent Kush Federations in Ethiopia and the wider horn.

Additionally, those leaders who are engaged in malicious plots from both Oromo and Sidama nations must refrain from any form and shape of foul play instead resorting to a peaceful and fraternal handling of any arising conflicts. Once again, we advise the leaders of both Oromia and Sidama regional states to support Ejjeetto and Qeerroo with the elders of both nations to hold an urgent forum where they can openly discuss and restore peace, harmony and the natural fraternity of both nations.

March 03, 2019