The people of Amhara are in the queue for the recruitment of the Ethiopian military.

The people of Amhara are in the queue for the recruitment of the Ethiopian military.

Afmeer tv.

The youth of Bahar-Daar of the Amhara tribe are in a long line to join the ‘government army’ in the war with the Tigrian army.
Sabiir ali. Ogaadenia Media Bahar-Daar.



  1. Amara’s queueing up to join Abyssinian atrocious colonial army is a reminiscence of the French’s defending their colony:Algeria.

    Oromos, do not stand idle and watch when the vultures are queueing up to hover over you! Join WBO and defend yourself and your people.

  2. The Amhara Neftegna State of Abiyot Ahmed Ali, and his masters in Baherdar are getting ready for an assault on our people, to commence shortly, at the end of this rainy season.

    Like any Colonizer, the Amhara Neftegna State and its various mutations MUST be defeated on the battlefield for our people to become truly free! Didn’t their Militias invade Horo Guduuru, in East Wellega, recently? The response they received from the Oromo Liberation Army is the ONLY language these murderers understand!

    Negotiations and preaching ‘brotherhood’ as some of our own elites have been doing, for so long, DOES not work with those whose very intent is the destruction of Oromo Nationhood; so that they can hold on to their Ethiopian Empire! The veil of an Internationally recognized State Sovereignty is a weapon the Amhara elite have ALWAYS used to a great advantage against all resistance by the colonized people since Menelik’s time. This current rounding up off every able bodied person for war against the Oromo Liberation Army and the TDF is also conducted under the guise of protecting ‘Ethiopia’ from its “enemies”!

    That cover story line of Ethiopia as a nation formed by the free will of its inhabitants must be exposed at every turn, so that the true, barbaric, and repressive AMHARA-ONLY NATURE OF ETHIOPIA as a colonial empire is shown to the world!

    Let us stand with our Oromo Liberation Army!

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