The patriotic rebellion of Ogadenya The news of the day.

The patriotic rebellion of Ogadenya
The news of the day.
Jwxo Executive Committee meeting.
Addis Ababa 4-6 August 2021.
The executive committee (GF) JWXO held an unusual meeting in Addis Ababa, August 2021. 4-6 GF evaluated the success and challenges of JWXO that they met since the time of change and agreement with Ethiopia. Another GF evaluated today’s situation in Ethiopia, Somali regional government and East Africa.
After the executive committee:
When he listened to the reports of the chairman, leaders and the special committee and checked the previous agenda when he evaluated the success and the obstacles of JWXO meeting after looking at how they opened the agreement between JWXO and the federal government (DF) discussed the situation in Ethiopia today. DDS and Horn of Africa.
GF is clarifying and strengthening the continuation of the strategic decision reached by ONLF which was to be searched for the rights of the Somali people although there are obstacles from Ethiopia and the Horn GF is congratulating the success of JWXO and the Somali people. The Somali regional peace and stability have been brought from the Somali region, while all the people of the region benefited from the agreement.
GF is showing concern about how the federal government and the Somali regional government couldn’t fully implement the agreements that ONLF and Ethiopian government reached.
These points were among the creation of united committee that look for solution to the roots of the existing conflict that is based on the long term war between Somalia and Ethiopia, the issues of the rebuilding of the fighters of JWXO and their power, and the development of the war in JWXO. Her politics is freely angry, although JWXO has fully implemented the agreements with the Ethiopian government, however, JWXO believes that the agreement was an effective step, and will continue to respect it.
The GF is commemorating that the Somali people of the region have planned against political violations, economy and slavery that is not taken by the Ethiopian government, especially the government led by EPRDF, which caused destruction, colonization and development. ‘ aan and that the Somali people are separated from each side while the last decade has been worse.
GF admits that the government of Ethiopia has made a change in the region while they stopped the human rights of the Somali people, the release of prisoners and the stop of terrorism, while they are still waiting for the rights of the human rights of Somalis to be taken back to the rights of the Somalis. ah. ah.
GF expected that when the agreement happened the federal government and the international organizations will implement a large program that is rebuilding and reseting the destruction of life and wealth, therefore it will take place. It’s bad how they stand with JWXO applications concerning those issues, and JWXO is calling those groups to take appropriate measures.
GF is in mind the political culture of Ethiopia that is solved by blood and the wars that happened more than a century, GF is worried about the situation of Ethiopia that is caused by war and wars Between the ethnic groups of Ethiopia.
GF is depended on the war between Somalis and forgiveness, and strongly condemned the massacre of the people and the use of the government, JWXO is specially condemning the massacre between the Somali people in the west Siti region while they are in the hands of the federal government in Siti region. Therefore, JWXO calls for a mediocrity committee to search for reality and investigate the crimes committed to Somali people.
GF is calling on all parts of the wars happening in Ethiopia to make an unnecessary bullet, and the conflicts to solve peace, also JWXO calls for the international community to spread the wars that are fighting a global war against a global mediation. It can lead to a solution.
GF also calls on the general discussion held by all ethnic groups and other influences to reach a lasting solution to the constant conflicts in Ethiopia which is involved in the culture of unending conflicts and ruling, the solution from that discussion leads to that discussion. Can a new government system, a new peace, real democracy and respecting ethnic rights and citizens.
GF is strengthening his mission that all Ethiopian ethnic groups have the right to consult their fathers, to have a strong independent administration, which they shed a lot of efforts and blood to get, as well as rights It’s part of the duty that ethnicity protects the majority of the people living under their control.
GF is also strengthening that the Somali people are important contributions to Ethiopia, and they will play an effective role in how to build the future of Ethiopia and East Africa.
GF is calling on the Somali citizens to solve their disputes peacefully, and stop the wars of the team and rebuild their country.
Now the executive committee is considering the situation in Ethiopia and Horn of Africa, he decided:
1. to strengthen the unity and the activities of the organization and its supporters.
2. to organize a national conference with different Somali influences in order to get united Somali vision and strengthen their unity and preparation.
3. to strengthen the efforts of JWXO in diplomacy and debate the rights of the Somali citizens.
4. to create ways to solve the conflict between Somali people and their neighbors in order to celebrate peacefully.
5. to strengthen the relations between JWXO, parties and Ethiopian society organizations.
At the end of the day.
JWXO has a goal to find the Horn of Africa which is peace, and its people live in prosperity, development and cooperation for all.
So, JWXO calls on all parts of East Africa to change hate culture and create new systems in peace.
Mintid Midwinimo, God is great
The patriotic rebellion of Ogadenya (ONLF).

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  1. I appreciate the good work of your editorial team. I live outside horn of Africa and read daily the reports and articles on your website as a source of what is happening in the Ethiopian Empire. However, reading this article “the patriotic rebellion of Ogade…..), I thought whether you read and checked the validity of its content before allowing your website to use it. As this material does not reflect the “Ogaden National Liberation Front Statement ONLF Executive committee’s extra-ordinary session in Addis Ababa”, I would advice you to remove this wrong writing and replace it with the right one. You could get ONLF’s true statement from Ogaden News Agency(ONA), dated August 6, 2021

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