The Oromo point of view is very straightforward:

The Oromo point of view is very straightforward:

We love you guys! Keep up with the great work!

On a personal note, my Dad listened to a poem by Jaal Galmoo Oromoo on your program on Nov 12, 2021 here on Kichuu, titled “Oromoo Jaallan Koo,” with tears in his eyes! Following the reading, he wanted me to relay this message to ALL ‘his’ sons and daughters of the OLA: although he may not be around to witness the birth of an Independent and Sovereign Oromo Republic due to old age, he has no doubt of its birth NO matter how long the journey or how steep the cost!

Onward to an Independent and Sovereign Oromo Republic!

Waaqa Gurracha Oromo Waliin!

Comments by: Ilmaa Juukii Bareentoo


Ethiopia’s state Minister, Birhanu Lenjiso, calls U.S. Department of State “Stupid”! Lenjiso was hand picked by Abiy Ahmed a few years ago from the diaspora.
As State minister, one would expect Birhanu to behave in a diplomatically appropriate manner.
Such emotions may also explain how decisions are being made at Ethiopian ministerial level.

“ሠላም ይሻለናል” በማለቱ መከራዉን እያየ ነው። ለነገሩ ባለሥልጣናት “ጥላቻ አነሰን እንጨምር” በሚሉበት፣ ሰዎች እንደቀልድ በሚረሸኑበት አገር ዉስጥ “ሠላም ይሻለናል” ማለት ቀላል ዋጋ አይስከፍልም። ሰላም ዋጋ አለው፤ ሰላም በነጻ አይገኝም። የሰላም ዋጋ ከባድ ነው።
አይዞህ ወንድሜ ይሄም ያልፋል አንተ ግን መልካምን መርጠሀል!
#SayNoToWar! #ጦርነትይብቃ!


  1. Bravo Kichuu! You spotted a gem in IJ Bareentoo’s comment! I also listened to the same Poem by Jaal Galmoo Oromoo on the same ONM-ABO program here on Kichuu! It had the same exact effect on me as it had on Bareentoo’s dad…I loved the piece too!

    In our current OLA leaders AND its fighting force, we the Oromo people are blessed with the bravest and wisest generation to have emerged from our past decades of bitter and disappointing struggle against a brutal and unforgiving system. It is not an exaggeration if I say that, we the Oromo people, are more hopeful of our future at this point in time, than at any other point in our History of the past century and half!

    Let us stand with OUR OLA sons and daughters with EVERYTHING we got!

    Onward to an Independent and Sovereign Oromo Republic!

    Nothing less should be acceptable!

    Waqaa Gurracha Oromo Walin

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