The Oromo People should call for an independent Transitional Government of Oromia (TGO)

The Oromo People should call for an independent Transitional Government of Oromia (TGO)

By Aba Orma, January 1, 2019

The regime of Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed is on the brink of a collapse, while the people he is surrounded with do not want to admit, but agree that it is losing ground.

Now we know that the mysterious Asmara agreement was fake and on OPDO/ODP’s part it was meant to lure the OLF leaders into the country to weaken the OLF and then kill it if possible. This a lure and kill strategy they devised, a spin-off of the phrase “Catch and kill”.  Fortunately, it is not working for them but the Oromo people are paying the price regardless.  OPDO/ODP using a time tested strategy of set the house on fire and come with water hose. We are seeing this in all Oromia and recently intensified in the West and South Oromia after the EPRDF army is employed to loot, kill, and burn farms disguising as OLF (Oromo) freedom fighters and blame the OLF.

As in my previous article: ODP’s fear of losing a free and fair election to the OLF is displacing and killing Oromo, a reminder of 1991/92, ODP’s problem and worry is simple: WE CANNOT WIN ELECTION. It will lose a free and fair election in Oromia to the OLF! Therefore it has to use everything in its reach to delegitimize the OLF using the same play card as in 1991/92.  Oromo lives, Oromia, state powers, nothing is spared to accomplish this goal.

To see whether the path OPDO/ODP has taken right now is good for the Oromo people regardless of what happened in the last 28 years, the Oromo people should look no further than the timeless phrase ”Show me who your friends are, and I will tell you what you are”. We can clearly see what the OPDO/ODP are up to by looking at the people they are dancing with. Trust me it does not look good for the Oromo people!

There is another competing phrase “Bad company ruins good morals”. In the case of Dr. Abiy and Lemma I am not sure which one describes them when it comes to the Oromo question. The first one implies that one keeps company of similar minds while the second one asserts company ruins ones pre-exiting good moral.  Well, I leave it to the readers to make his/her own judgment on which one accurately represents Dr. Abiy and Lemma’s company. For me they have surrounded themselves with enough people to meet both cases. They have former Derg officials, G7, Arbenyoch Ginbar, Vision Ethiopia, former EPRP, etc. their Ethiopianist advisers whose life mission is to destroy Oromummaa and Oromo nationalism. Their number one target is the OLF. There are video clips and interviews to back up this fact. For Oromo, whether we agree with it or fallen off-of it, the OLF is our national treasure. The leaders come and go, but the organization is ours and whether we like it or not brought us here. We all should stand guard and protect the OLF. Oromo ASK yourself why they want to destroy this organization. We have to make a decision either we stand with Berhanu Naga and G7 or Dawud Ibsa and the OLF.

The different groups that are led by the patriarchal Leencoo Lata falls into the second groups whose moral is highly questionable and shares the dislike toward the OLF. This group corrupts ones moral for sure. Leencoo Lata and his side-kicks whose ideology is rejected by the Oromo people are also teaming up with Berhanu and G7 to destroy the OLF.

Then comes militants groups like the Somali Liyu police, Alshabab, Benishagul and Gumuz militants, Afar militants who have the ambition over Oromo land. Each of these groups are allowed or assisted to attack their neighboring Oromo farmers in East Oromia, South Oromia (Guji and Moyale), and West Oromia to create chaos to divert Oromo people’s attention away from the real OPDO/ODP . It is a highly publicized matter how Meles was playing on both sides of the Al-Shabab card. As money generator and to wage proxy war.  Oddly Meles’s blue book is still referred to.

It is clear that trust between the competing parties in Oromia especially the two main ones, the OLF and OPDO/ODP, is lacking to say the least. They both are operating with trust deficit.  The only way out of the current quagmire in Oromia is to form Oromia transitional government that is independent of both parties, the ODP and the OLF. This transitional government reports directly to the Oromo people and Dr. Abiy’s office and will have all the resources needed to keep the local government running, secure the boarder with forces from both the OLF and Oromia police. The Oromo people are blessed with individuals who can and willing to do this admirably whose only wish is to see a peaceful and stable Oromia and beyond. The Abbaa Gadaas and Qeerroo/Qarree would be a great asset to them. WBO and Oromia police becomes the protector of the Oromo people, Oromia will be stronger and unified than ever.

We all should not forget that EPRDF is rejected by the peoples of Ethiopia and the current arrangement is unusual in the sense that a system that lost the trust of the peoples is heading a reform while the oppressive system intact. One can see why the people who are invited to Dr. Abiy’s dance agreed with this strange arrangement. But it is not working for the Oromo people and it is up to the Oromo people once again to rise up and put it back on track.

The mandates of Oromia transitional government are to:

  1. Stabilize Oromia, which by the way goes far in stabilizing the country
  2. Facilitate a free and fair election to take place in Oromia
  3. Transfer power to the newly elected party and dissolve upon the conclusion of the election.

This will also give time to both the OLF and the OPDO/ODP to reorganize themselves and become a genuine party and prepare for a free and fair election. The OPDO really needs to re-think the company it is keeping and criminals hiding inside it. This might open a possibility of a reformed and cleansed OPDO/ODP forming a big Oromo party with the OLF that enables them to coin a new coalition with the South and elsewhere to become a governing party. There is no one better situated than a united Oromo to lead the country and the region into a bright future given the rich democratic history even though we don’t see that in the current political atmosphere.

Horaa Bulaa yaa Oromoo!


  1. Qeerro/Qarree, the Oromo must be back to the barricades!
    Ummata Oromo, Qeerro fi Qarren, osoo wal hin hirin Qabsootti deebi’aa!! TPLF’s condome has now become a tool of the Dergists and regrouped Nefxanya system! A slave is always a slave – OPDO/ODP is the proof!

  2. Abba Orma Xarraqi Dhisati Gorsa Pro Marara kana Fudhadha ykn Qeebala
    “Har’aas, Boruus Oduun Malee Gochaan Kan ODP Caalu Hin Argine!

    Namootaa fi Jaarmayaaleen keenya baay’een Rakkoo ODP/ADWUI Haasawuu qofaan Oromoof Filannoo Caalu tahuu isaanii argisiisuuf yaalu.
    Akka Dhunfaa isaanitti mataa isaaniiyyuu jijjiiruuf gahumsa hin qabne tahuu Oromoon beeku qaba ykn filannoo itti aanutti imaamatoota Kan ODP/ADWUI caalu qabatanii Dorgomaa cimaa tahuuf qophii gahumsa qabuu fi Lafaratti mul’atu taasisuuf har’a hojjachaa Nutti argisiisuudha.
    Qabsoon Oromoo Jabaachaa fi abbaa injifannoo tahee yeroo jirutti ODP fi Jaarmayaalee ODP waliin walitti makamaniin alatti Warreen kaan Marti Oduu fi Bakka Durii Dhiichisuu malee har’aas achuma jirtan.
    Hanga Gochaan arginutti Oromoof Har’a kan ODP Caalu hin jiru. Kanaan ala Oduudhaan osoo hin taane Hojiin Nu agarsiisaa.
    Mila laman muka lama irra bargaafatani hin dhabbatina. Mata lammi taatani harqoota keesa gara gaggalina. Ummata Sobu dhisaati qaama Guutuun seenaa ODP Waliin ta’a!”
    Dr.Mararaa Guddinaa

  3. what a wonderful analysis of the states quo and suggest option for the reader. My only comment is on the contradiction in your final note. As you rightly say if the current government is lead by G-7 derge , EPRP etc, how would you trust the OTG to prime minister who has all those advise to inform him for all the wrong thing happening in Oromia?

  4. The truth is while Leenchoo Lata and his group hold seat with Dr. Abiy and Lemma there want be constructive peace. Leenchoo is a destroyer and an enemy of the Oromo people. He led the execution of 20,000 Oromo militia in Wollega in 1991/1992 under Melese Zenawi leadership. He hates himself therefore he hates Oromo people. G-7 and the group speak the same language/ political ideology like Abiy, Lemma and ODP leaders. I agree that there is a need for a transitional government in Oromia, however do all Oromia region support the idea or are there a split among different regions in Oromia? how about Qeerroo?

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