The Oromo People faces two coronaviruses: COVID-19 and Abiy: Both can be prevented/stopped with nationwide stay-in-shelter across Oromia for a period of time!

The Oromo People faces two coronaviruses: COVID-19 and Abiy: Both can be prevented/stopped with nationwide stay-in-shelter across Oromia for a period of time!

By Aba Orma, Ph.D., March 22, 2020

Two birds with a single stone!

Stay-in-shelter (a.k.a. stay-inside your-home) is a mechanism used by governments to control the spread of pandemic diseases to protect its citizens. Gabaa Laganaa is a similar concept, but used by Oromos/citizens to use their economic power to demand justice and freedom from the government. Between 2016-2018, the Oromo people led by Qeerroo and Qarree used Gaba Laganaa effectively against the brutality of the TPLF regime and eventually sent them back to where they came from. It proved to be an effective tool in freeing the Ethiopian people from the yoke of TPLF led EPRDF regime. Unfortunately, that struggle is hijacked by Abiy-led EPRDF (a.k.a. EPRDF 2.0). Stay in shelter is now in effect in the fight against the coronavirus in Italy, the United States of America, Spain, China, the UK, and many other countries. The Oromo people are facing not one but two coronaviruses: The COVID-19 that the world is wrestling with and the Ethiopian government led by Abiy Ahmed. The good news is both enemies can be defeated by one tool, extended Gabaa Laganaa or stay-in-shelter. The time is now to fight the spread of the coronavirus and also to send a clear message to the Abiy administration that Oromo lives matter too!

The good news is the tide is turning against this government. The world is finally coming to understand Abiy for what he is. Human Rights groups and governments are calling for an immediate restoration of disrupted internet, phone, and other services to Western and Southern Oromia and questioning the direction the country is heading. For example, check the in-depth articles on the ongoing crimes against the Oromo people by the Abiy administration published by:

The Economist: “A hidden war threatens Ethiopia’s transition to democracy: Abiy Ahmed’s crackdown in Oromia is bloody and lawless”

Human Rights Watch: “Millions of Ethiopians Can’t Get COVID-19 News”

Addis Standard: Special Edition: “Failed politics and deception: Behind crises in Western and Southern Oromia.”

Reuters: “Internet shutdowns ‘not justified’ in coronavirus outbreak”

We are at a critical time in the history of the Oromo people. The Oromo people have a stark choice in front of them. Either accept second citizenship under Abiy’s Ethiopia and forgo their identity, language, culture, and country or hold hands and confront the hard truth that Abiy is the most dangerous enemy the Oromo people have ever faced.  The Oromo people never surrendered to fear and intimidation. It is up to the Qubee generation to come together and reclaim the highjacked revolution and write their share of history by finishing the work they started.


  1. Indeed, Dr Aba Orma!

    The great Oromo people are confronted by two extremely dangerous enemies, which must be fought with determination and defeated decisively. As clearly articulated in your article, the two existential threats to our people, currently, are the Coronavirus (Covid – 19) and Abiy Ahmed’s neo-neftegna government. Indeed, both diseases can be effectively fought against and defeated if our people follow simple advice and act in unison. Stay at home, avoid gatherings and wash your hands thoroughly to protect yourselves from coronavirus. At the same time, stay at home with your produces, and avoid markets to weaken the fascist government and eventually defeat it. Staying at home legitimately; not going to markets; relying on what you harvest from your fields and gardens must be the norm until your enemies are effectively defeated. At the moment, no need for protests in the streets, which may involve gatherings, exposing you to the coronavirus and government violence. You can fight both enemies by avoiding contact with them for now. Remember that the gangs roaming Finfinnee will eat away the Ethiopian fascist government if you stay at home, holding to your produces and avoiding markets which could expose you to coronavirus and also assist your enemies to prolong your repression.

    Nevertheless, this does not mean that you have to abandon other effective strategies you are already using in your struggles for freedom and justice. Firstly, employ this strategy of staying at home as part of protecting yourselves from coronavirus. Avoiding market for the purpose of protecting yourselves from contracting Covid – 19 will indirectly contribute to your resistance to the repression of government which depends on your resources, if used effectively. Protect yourselves from Covid – 19 as well as Abiy Ahmed’s neo-neftegna government. Both are the worst threats to our people.

    Safety and victory to the great Oromo people who are struggling for just cause!

  2. Well said brother, I can’t agree more! For Oromo people, Abiy Ahmed Ali is as dangerous as Covid-19, if not more. We have to help ourselves stave off the looming danger. I am afried, the regime may use this decades as a means to control the Oromia population.

    Remember what Minili, Abiy Ahmed’s Idol did to our people a century ago. He imported or brought degases such as ‘Rinder pest” to kill as many people it possibly can kill in order to weaken the resistance his aggression had encountered.
    Remember to how the Emperor Hilesellasie regime used famine to wipe out and control the population?, and How the Derg regime used the same method to control the people it perceived as threat to its reign. How about the TPLF-EPRDF, not any different. Let’s remind ourselves what happened in early 1990’s when the so called “green famine’ induced by the regime decimated our people in the west. I can’t forget nor forgive the idea that Oromia had to face famine. It did though. The then Prime Minister Tamrat Layne was making publicity stunt on TV distributing what appear to be farm tools such a ‘GASOO’ to our people, after they have lost all livestock they had, the likes of farm animal such as Oxen.

    How about the decimation of central oromia population, not far from the capital by Malaria outbreak in the late 1990’s. mind you, these are areas such as the one termed Ormia special zone, not far from the capital. That was the year the hard working farming community in the region expected extremely surplus produce. but, malaria hit them during harvest season. Either the entire family wiped out, or were too weak due to the out break, no one was able to do the either harvest work or tend to their property such as live stock. That was the year people of the region fabled ” Bakka nafacaasanin margaa, nama na nyaatun argaa!” that fable was said to have been from the “magnya Teff” that the Bacho is reknown for. Abiy Ahimed Ali is no different. As a matter of fact, he is the most deadly the Oromo nation has ever faced. He may use or is already using this disease as weapon of mass control. Our people need to stay home as slog as is necessary.

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