The Oromia Liberation Army  OLA has trained many troops!!

The Oromia Liberation Army  OLA has trained many troops, some have been recruited and some have opened training for different ethnic groups, each of them is organizing an army and an ethnic group.

Afmeer tv.

September 26 2021
The Oromia Liberation Army  OLA has recruited thousands of new troops in Oromia are mostly in the OLA army.
Who has support from the Oromo people
The colonialism is short

An additional video of the OLA  that Oromia Liberation Army  has recruited for training.

WBO graduates!
Onwards and upwards!
Bagaa gammaddan! Bagaa gammadnee!
The rebellion of liberation of Oromia ‘OLA’
Who said that thousands of their fighters have been arrested for training.
OLA ‘ is fighting with the government army ‘ while OLA is expanding itself ‘ in the whole Oromia region.
Anwar mohamed. Ogaadenia media Adama.

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