The OLA continued training Oromos Qeerroo & Qarree those who played role in changing the situation of Ethiopia horn Africa politics during TPLF leads EPRDF

The OLA continued training Oromos Qeerroo & Qarree those who played role in changing the situation of Ethiopia horn Africa politics during TPLF leads EPRDF

OLA on a military sights

In Ethiopia the Oromo youths those pay life to took the current Prime minister to power are joining the OLA. In case the main agenda of oromo struggle is not buildomg the Empire as a new. For the last three years, From many direction Oromos youth those who are opposing the current bandit PP groups was taken to jail again, as a result above 120 thousands of Oromo peoples where detained only in this three years, this number is only that we have reliable information. In this three years above 4500 innocent Oromos where killed by the autocrat groups. Above 600 innocent person was injured by the groups. Public properties including farmers house were fired by the so called reformist nobel price winners govt.

The public property vandalized and fired by the bandit PP army

Following the horrific actions the properity group and their political schedule there is a comfrontation from mass of people. As a result the nobile peace price award winner abiy becomes start effulge its true identity. And the regime becomes an oligarchy leaded countries.

For the above and other similar cause, the only way to collapse the old rotten empire and to destroy the systems and the messengers equiping Qeerroos and Qarree becomes the first option. Oromos are frustrated by the dictators action, b/c of there is no way to farm today many Oromo farmers where joined the OLA army. The way to live is becomes only equiping. There is no guarente to live, farm, trade and so on. The public service were closed and becomes the war base, schools where becomes the training area of govt affiliated militias. And they kill, murder and vandalism is becomes the accustomed actions of Ethiopia regime.

When Eritrea and regime army deployed in oromia

Today Oromos are joined OLA in mass number, b/c there is no other option to live, in Ethiopia beeing Oromo makes you a criminal, to solve the conflict b/n Oromo and Ethiopia which is going on for a last 150 year accepting and respecting oromos question and self governing policy is the only solution,

In this hard time the OLA of souther zone, was graduated his new trained members. No one can stop from fighting our enemies and sacrifing for our rights and countries. We rralize from history of world and Empire Ethiopia that the medicine for old feudal system and rotten empire is only weapon. Dictators plan how they can jam public voice and ascend on the top of state, we plan how we can collapse the empire and remove the structure of enemies.

he graduation of trained OLA members No earthly body can stop as from achieving our freedom. We fight our enemies with out fear and suspect. OLA for ever

Welcome oromoo people’s defense’s arm’s congratultions

Qabsoo Oromoon gooteen diinni Oromoo bilisoomee, qoodni Oromoo ,galanni Oromoo, galannii gootoota keenyatiifii Qeerroo Oromoo immoo reebicha, hidhaa fi ajjeechaa tahe.

Goototni Oromoo badii malee Oromummaa isaaniitiif hiidhaa jiru.Dhiiga ilmaan Oromoo Diinni Oromoo filannoof Oromiyaa keessa deemaa dhiichisaa jiru. Oromoo tahe kuni kan isa gammachiisu gantuu garaaf jettee jiraattu , lammii ofii diina duratti qabdu yoo tahe malee kan biraa hin jiru.
Mirga dhabnee jennee taa’uu mitii mirga dhabne deeffachuuf dammaqanii falmachuu qofaatu furmaata.