The neo-Neftegna ideologues peddling the false narratives of ethnic cleansing and genocide

The neo-Neftegna ideologues peddling the false narratives of ethnic cleansing and genocide

were driven less by the moral imperative to amplify the sufferings of the victims so much as the urge to denigrate, vilify, and dehumanise the Oromo. Their ultimate goal, however, is to get rid of the multinational federal order which they blames for all of Ethiopia’s ills and misfortunes. Some even blame multinational federalism for creating not just Oromia, the Somali region, the Afar region etc but for actually creating these people. The strategy has always been this – demonise the multinational federal order as barbaric, and savage and create the discursive condition to reimpose that decadent and reactionary system that rendered large swathes of the south second-class citizens- invisible, inaudible, un-hearable, uncountable, unintelligible, to the imperial logos of politics. As you can see below, some want a return to a pre-1974 structure.

What concerns me the most is not the existence of this views but how fast these views are becoming mainstream under Abiy’s leadership.

Lol at “To Avoid Killil”

Awol Kassim Allo

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  1. Well, the neo-naftagna ideologues have enjoyed using their privileges and connections to construct false narratives and deceive the Ethiopian peoples as well as the international community. Since they control most media outlets pertaining to Ethiopia and effectively deploy their influences over the rogue regime in Addis Ababa/Finfinnee, they are able to spread lies and ruthlessly false narratives in the hope to hide the “Ethiopia in reality” and promote “theoretical Ethiopia”. Being extremely deceptive ethnic racists and fascists, the neo-naftagna ideologues, create and repeat false narratives, painting their own evil deeds with saintly images and demonizing others. As Albright (2018) observers, “repeated often enough, almost any statement, story, or smear can start to sound plausible”. Thus, the anti-Oromo neo-naftagna ideologues, who are hellbent on maintaining the status quo of the Ethiopian naftagna system never feel moral and ethical burdens when they shamelessly and ruthlessly fabricate and disseminate lies and disinformation.

    Unfortunately, the great Oromo people have been the primary targets of the naftagna and neo-naftagna, working day and night, to destroy Oromo as a nation and continue to subjugate the nation nationalities of Ethiopia. The neo-naftagna ideologues, particularly, have been emboldened by their neo-naftagna regime leader, Abiy Ahmed, who have proven anti-Oromo stance and a childhood dream of becoming Ethiopia’s 7th King. Mind you, the naftagna have had the ability to handle and use any individual who assumed high office in Ethiopia, using the naftagna bureaucracy and security forces, which have been put in place to subjugate “ethnic others” in the name of “maintaining law and order”. Although the monarch, Haile Selassie, was disposed by the revolution of 1974, the naftagna system and its bureaucracy has stayed in place to serve the interests of the naftagna, who have managed to effectively control and use the military regime, the TPLF regime as well as the neo-naftagna regime of Abiy Ahmed.

    The neo-naftagna ideologues cannot suddenly turn to be truth loving and ethical “elites” as deception has been the main fabric that has enabled them to maintain advantage over other Ethiopians. Likewise, it is also highly probable that Ethiopia cannot be democratized whilst the naftagna system is still in palace. The Pseudo Ethiopians, neo-naftagna, will continue to claim to “speak for Ethiopia” whilst completely “unconcerned with the rights of others, and [are] willing to use whatever means are necessary – including violence – to achieve their goals”.

    The onus is, therefore, on the Oromo people in particular and the entire nation nationalities of Ethiopia in general, to not only effectively counter the false narratives of the neo-naftagna ideologues, but also to work in unison and take their struggles to the highest levels, and achieve their inalienable freedom and justice.


    To the Oromo people, qeerroo and qarree: Your future and destiny is in your hands; understand what you are against very well and work in unison to defeat the neo-naftagna regime and regain your freedom so as to exist in dignity as a great nation. You have immense potential and resources to mobilize and liberate yourselves!

    To the nation nationalities of Ethiopia: Your future and destiny is intertwined with the future of the Oromo people; join hands with your Oromo brothers and sisters; support their struggles against the repressive neo-naftagna regime and regain your own freedoms. Act in unison and bring subjugation to an end in Ethiopia.

    Truth and justice shall prevail!

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