The Neftegna’s government in Oromia, Is playing with Oromo’s sons and daughters blood.

The Neftegna government in Oromia is playing with Oromo’s sons and daughters blood.

Ethiopia: Tigray – Amhara – Afar

Tigray defense force drive south

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A funny video. It is a shame.
The Somali youth who were taken to the Amhara region to defend the Amhara region has recorded a video of the Amhara army running from the opening of the war.
The boy of the Somali soldier says stand up and don’t give him a warning.

The military forces who were arrested for the regional training yesterday in Hurso were published today for the opening of the war that is going on in Canfar region between the armed forces and the Tigre militia have entered Diridhabe city.

I swear that Somalis are free in Siti region today they closed the road that connects Djibouti and Diri Dhabe it is the road that Ethiopia is going through the Djiboutis port
It is not possible that Ethiopia supports the canfar and the land of Somalia does not use.