The morning news of Ethiopia.

The morning news of Ethiopia.

↕️ The European Union said that it has sanctioned the economy and one that traveled to Ethiopia that it is on the table. (the media)
🔴 War is going on in the second day in a relationship ‘from southern Tigray’ especially in Raya region. (Pretty with me)
↘️ The Tigrian army said that they have fully taken over the ‘alamata city’ korem, wofre, adeta,..
↘️ Tigray said that they will continue the war until their land is held back. (the media)
↗️ A number of people who were insulted were killed in Wollega region of Oromia. (That’s a round of confusion)
↩ War and violence are reported in Metekel region of Benishangul. (That’s a weirdo)..
↙️ There is a war going on in the city of Humera in the west of Tigray and the war between Tigray and Amhara. (That’s a round of confusion)
⬆️ The Amhara region generally has called their citizens to prepare for war. (the media)
➡️ The central government has shortened the war between Tigray and Amhara. (the media)
⬆️ The Amhara army and Ethiopian military left Alamata last night. (That’s a round of confusion)
↙️ OLA said that they have achieved success in ‘ wars that they had in government army s’ in districts of Shewa and Wallega. Look at the Oromia region. (The source of confusion)
The birds of one piece are alamata ‘ the rest is an example..
Nj nj.. n Ogaadenia media Addis Ababa

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