The looming danger of insecurity and state terrorism in Ethiopia.

Alert!The looming danger of insecurity and state terrorism in Ethiopia.

በጥሞና መደመጥ የሚገባው። ዶ/ር ዳቸው አሰፋ በወቅታዊ የኢትዮጵያ ሁኔታ፣ ከሃጫሉ ሁንዴሳን ግድያ ተከትሎ አዲስ አበባ ምን ተከሰተ ፣ ለምን ፣ ወዘተ በሚሉ ጣያቄዎች ዙሪያ ያደረገው ቃለ ምልልስ። Must Watch & attentively.

Neamin Zeleke

There were/are many governments around the world who killed and abused their own people for the sake of power. The Pol Pot of Cambodia in the 1970s/1980s, P.W.Botha of the Apartheid South Africa in 1970s/1980s, Agostino Pinochet of Chile in the 1970s/1980s, Slobodan Milosevic of Serbia in the 1990s, Bashir al- Assad of Syria, Charles Taylor of Liberia and Omar al- Bashir of Sudan are few among others.

Col. Abiy’s government, which came to power in April 2018 in Ethiopia, became the youngest member of those dictators club, which is killing and abusing his own people to hang on power in the same fashion as those dictatorial regimes.

What makes Col. Abiy’s regime different from other dictatorial regimes is that as a Nobel Peace Prize winner, he was supposed to be a reformer and a man of peace instead of being a deformer and a man of war. But regrettably, he chose the second track. Secondly, it is during this pandemic period he is bent on exploiting the Covid-19 in order to extend his mandate and disband the dissenting voices and putting the opposition party leaders in jail and shutting down the internet and free media platforms such as OMN and Tigray TV channels.

The shutting down of internet, phone and all communication platforms taken place in Oromia long before the Corona virus became a threat to the life of millions in the country and when the people are desperately in need of information about the Corona virus.

In addition to that, he is using different tactics such political assassinations of prominent people like Art. Hachalu Hundeessa and the fabricated dramas following the assassination.

This political assassination of the prominent Oromo-Singer Hachaalu Hundessa triggered public backlash and communal violence. Following the assassination, the government arrested the prominent opposition party leader like Bekele Gerba, Jawar Mohammed, Abdi Raggassa and many thousands of Qeerroos and Qarrees.

To add insult to injury, the neo-nefxanyas who surrounded the PM and some retired Generals of the Derg era, the former EPRDF regime and mainly the political ideologue of Machiavelism are applauding the PM to go on a killing spree against the protesters in Oromia and elsewhere.

In the link below, one of Dr. Abiy’s ideologue and admirer of Machiaveli says it is time of Machiaveli’s “Medicini Forti” that is to say it is time to punish (kill) those who must be punished. It is a moment of Ligaba Bayene. Showa bowed down to Prince Teferi Mekonen after he punished the once respected Ligaba Beyene. አልጋ ወራሽ ሊጋባ በየነን ከገረፉ በኋላ ነዉ ሸዋ ሰጥ ለጥ ብሎ የተገዛዉ። That is what going to happen in the coming days, months and years. We can expect another killings and assassinations. Now the report is coming out that such brutal state terrorism and extra judicial killings became a common news in Oromia.

Some government officials like the PM’s Press Secretary and the Vice-PM himself are chanting the same old slogan of Abay Tsehaye “ልክ እናስገባቸዋለን». What Col. Abiy should understand is that at the end of day, as the Commander-in- chief of the armed force, he is the one who is going to bear all the burdens on his head. He should understand that he is being bullied to be a sacrificial lamb for the international Criminal Court in The Hague for all the crimes committed under his watch.

The PM should understand that there were many criminals who committed state sponsored crimes during the Liberian civil war, but it was the head of the state Charles Taylor who was convicted a war criminal at The Hague.

There were many criminals who committed war crimes by the Janjaweed militias in the Darfur, but it was Omar al-Bashir who was accused of crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide by the ICC for the first time to arrest the sitting head of state. It was the same story with Slobodan Milosevic of Serbia.

Therefore, the looming danger of civil war and communal violence in Ethiopia is going to cost the Nobel Peace Prize winner Col. Abiy Ahmed more than anybody else for the crimes against humanity in Oromia and elsewhere. The Oromia Special Police who is given a license to kill and terrorize the unarmed civilians as the Janjaweed militias in the Darfur are not commanded by a feeble president of Oromia but directly by Col. Abiy Ahmed himself. The neo-nefxenyas on the contrary are trying to hoodwink the international community that it is the Oromos who are killing other ethnic groups who are living among them.
It is time for the international community to act before it is too late. Lt. General Romeo Dallaire, the commander of the UN Assistance Mission in Rwanda and the author of a book “Shake Hands with the Devil”, warned the international community that the catastrophe in Rwanda was the failure of international community that could easily be avoided. He warned that the world should never allow that kind of crimes against humanity to happen again.

Dandana Bafkane

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  1. The great Oromo people, who have been targeted by the Ethiopian neo-naftagna regime for ethnic cleansing, must act in unison and defend themselves from state terrorism. Other nation nationalities of Ethiopia also must join hands with the Oromo people and defeat the repressive regime while they still have time to do so. The international community also must take careful note of the circumstances in Ethiopia and intervene before it is too late.

    Remember, “no one can ride on the back of a man unless it is bent!” The fact is, “they can kill a liberator, but they can never kill the liberation!” By prescribing mass incarceration and extra judicial killings in Oromia and beyond, the Ethiopian gangsters leading the neo-naftagna government are just making us more resolute to pursue our inalienable rights to independence.

    Oromia shall be free!

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