The Irreversible!

The Irreversible!

By Poet Chala Hailu Abate, October 1, 2018

Source: Dhaloota Fincilaa

When I smile, you are in a boring state,
When you smile and shine as the sun rises,
I went a long way and have no such mood,
Rather, I am glooming like the sunset,
But on the other hand, you want me to laugh like you,
When we are together, we no longer share with each other,
When we are apart, we feel we are together,
And we all dream about one another.
I wonder when we can turn irreversible
of our inner sentiments to be seen.
And when we test what we really mean to each other?
But I hope we will never lose,
instead, we will become a winner!
On the eve of the Irreecha aka RA, our thanksgiving fest;
We were not lucky to join the spirit
of the living fellows and our ancestors,
Since then, we have still missed each other.
We, of course, had bestowed the right
to celebrate together By our Leemmiyyoo – the Oromo God,

It was not expected time that our soul
was supposed to be taken by him,
But we were denied the right
to be together and killed by the oppressor,
We were teenagers with a bright future,
planned to enjoy marriage ceremony,
hoped to be husband and wife,
wished to hug our beloved offsprings.

We were there for Thanksgiving,
the annual celebration after chilli and dark months,
The rainy and muddy season has lasted
And the new season, new spirits, new year, spring comes
We were happy and shining,
with our traditional dresses and green grasses,
Yet we never knew that it was
our last breath, to have it together
We were taken from RA’s peace,
RA, the sun and the earth’s power.
So that we were not allowed to end it,
in our first spirit, we went to Hora_Arsade.
And we had gone with many innocent souls immediately there,
We are not lucky to be part of the pleasing memories for now.

And we are not there to witness,
RA, the power of sun and earth,
The energy of in and out of the man and the Woman
The rays of the light and the power of the lion, as it’s been said.
Let me tell you and remind you
what the right thing is at the moment,
Believe me, then get a breath and relax even if the evils think we’re gone,
The sun of evils will never rise again
and the sun of our truth has risen not to set
That is the judgement, judgment of humanity,
We will never be forgotten by the generation to come,
The rendition of the everlasting spirits,
We are alive now, then and forever.

Caalaa Hayiluu Abaataa, 30 September 2018
The memory of this poem goes to the people who lost their lives during the Irreecha Massacre that took place in Bishoftu on 2 October 2016 where more than 700 people were killed by TPLF forces.