The INDEPENDENT ARMY OF TIGRAY announced. Sep 27th

Ethiopian Troops Surrendered to TDF  Ethiopia Ready for Peaceful Solution

TDF – Dessie -Eritrean and Ethiopian Officers

ODDUU AMEE Lolaa Guyaa Araa Waranaa Bilisumaa Oromo Bakka 2Lamatii Godheen Refkaa Dinaa Lafaa Gutee


  1. Voice of Reason (VOR) of the Military & Foreign Affairs Network,

    The Google Gulag bosses at YouTube would not let me and my friends post comments on your channel! I hope you check Kichuu & Ayyaantuu News to get some Oromo nationalists’ perspective!

  2. Voice of Reason,

    YouTube will not let me and my friends post any comment about Oromos or the Oromo Liberation Army on your Channel! I hope you get to realize that soon, so you can check the perspectives of Oromo nationalists here on Kichuu and Ayyaantuu News!

    May be Google’s “fact checkers” are ALL the descendants of the armed Amhara Settler State, who arrived in the United States from Bole International Airport, paid for by the Oromo AND other colonized people of the South, who they want NEVER to become a FREE people from the suffocating tyranny of the Amhara elite Empire!

  3. General Tsadkan’

    The Republic of Tigray! Yes, it is THIRTY YEARS late but it is about time!

    As Aba Solan says, had there been an Independent Oromo Republic to the south of an Independent Republic of Tigray, this war of extermination declared on your people by your cousins of the Amhara Nafxagna Settler State, would have NEVER occurred!

    As long as you do not CHANGE your plans and dream of RULING over our people and the other Colonized people of the South, you will have our utmost support in your war of self-defense and survival!

  4. To the Generals of the TPLF,

    1991: TPLF==>MLLT==>EPRDF==>Rule over the Oromo: WRONG!

    2021: TPLF==>TDF==>TDF==>Establish a Tigray Republic: RIGHT!

    We Oromos are looking forward to trading and living in peace with you and all other nations as independent and equal republics in this part of the world!

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