The homecoming of the Oromo Liberation Front is a game changer for the region

The homecoming of the Oromo Liberation Front is a game changer for the region

By Abbaa Ormaa, PhD, August 17, 2018

If there is a game changer in the politics of the Ethiopian empire in recent times, this is the one.  Of course the Qeerroo/Qarree movement led by the Oromo Liberation Front is the precursor to this homecoming. The region is hopeful, millions of Oromo refugees in the region are hopeful, and the Oromo people are hopeful.

The Oromo people are awaiting the homecoming of leaders of their beloved organization, the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). It is to be noted that OLF is at home and never left Oromia.  A small number of contingent leaders including the chairman of OLF based in the capital of Eritrea, Asmara is coming home to join the remaining leadership in Oromia indeed.  Oromos are already celebrating in villages, small towns and big cities across Oromia and awaiting the arrival of Dawud Ibsa Ayana and his leadership team.  It will be one for the history book.

The 1991/92 OLF visit to Finfinnee was the most consequential one year in any political organization in the history of organized politics. OLF planted the seed of Oromummaa and inaugurated Qubee that flourished and transformed the Oromo National Struggle and Afaan Oromo from spoken language to robustly written language and produced record number of writings and research in a span of 27 years. Above all it produced the greatest Oromo generation, the Qubee generation that is changing the entire region for the better.

OLF leaders are coming home at the height of a robust social Medias outburst, real time citizen journalism, a liberated Oromia airways thanks to a number of independent Oromo Radios and Satellite TVs, a united Oromo in purpose, and an infusion of an energetic and vibrant Oromo youth into the Oromo National Struggle. The future looks bright thanks to their dedication and vision! OLF’s homecoming this time has a different vibe.

Thanks God no more nonsense talks of “hijacked movement/struggle”.  The wheels are back on track, at least in people’s mind. In reality there was no hijacked movement.  It was the usual suspects attempt to claim victory without doing anything as they have done throughout history. Look no further than the name “Ethiopia”.

The undeniable fact that many Abyssinians fail to admit is that the Oromo nation once was a proud independent nation in the horn of Africa before it was colonized by Abyssinians-to be specific by Menelik of Shewa. In the process of colonization and subsequent war induced famine, the population of Oromo reduced from approximately ten million to five million. They sold Oromos like commodities. The colonizers showed no mercy and savaged their subjects. They treated them like animals and their unequal. They hanged Oromo men in hundreds for resisting. Menelik alone is believed to have more than 70,000 Oromo slaves.

It is these injustices that fueled the struggle to regain liberty and for an independent democratic republic of Oromia. It is therefore the Oromo people’s right to seek self-determination that includes the right to create an independent Oromia republic or confederation or federation that ends all forms of exploitation, marginalization, and cultural domination.

The Oromo people’s unrelenting revolt against Abyssinian colonial system is today at its peak. The new vanguard of this revolution the Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromo will not rest until the Oromo nation fully achieves the right to self-determination.

Now more than ever before, the Oromo people are united and politically conscious of their marginalization, oppression, economic and cultural domination.  Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromo and Waranaa Bilisummaa Oromo coalition engineered by the Oromo Liberation Front is the coming of age of the Oromo National struggle to realize the cause of generations of Oromos.

The Oromo were superior in guerrilla tactics, still preferred method by Oromo warriors, and strength with an indigenous democratic, social and political system –the Gadaa. It is only through the support of modern fire arms and military advices from the European colonizers of their time that they were able to massacre and colonize Oromo country.

For Oromo, dismantling all symbols of the dark days and genocides should not be negotiable. Menelik has no place in Finfinnee. All Oromo names of towns and places must be re-instated immediately.  The Oromo Liberation Army must remain intact as a unified unit under the command of Oromo generals in Oromia until the modern day colonizers Tigre Agazi is no more a threat to the wellbeing of Oromo and Oromia.

An Oromo war museum must be opened in Finfinnee to keep the memory of victims of Abyssinian colonial wars and teach the history of Oromo National Struggle for liberty to the next generation.

Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) is a cancer on the Horn of Africa’s peace and still poses the most threat to the relative peace now. This is nowhere else more evident than in Oromia. TPLF is instigating conflicts between neighboring peoples in the North between Afar and Oromo, in the East between Somalia and Oromo, in the south between Gedio and Oromo, and in the West between Gambela and Oromo, Benishangul and Oromo through its puppet Liyu Polices it hatched during its reign of terror and between settlers and Oromo to undermine Dr. Abiy’s government.  WBO and Qeerroo must be vigilant and ready to defend the people and the LAND.

Finally, for Oromo political organizations, small (family-size) to large, are now on trial in the Oromo courthouse, Oromia.  The Oromo people are the jury.  It is no more an abstract. WBO is alive and kicking, Qeerroo/Qarree is soon to meet their father.  So, it is up to the Oromo people to take them for a test drive and check which one of these political organizations are aligned with their interest and encourage those they like to unite and tell the rest to get lost. It is reality check time now.  Some refused pre-bargain and entered the trial. Guilty or not, let the jury speak!

Oromia shall be free!