The Head of the AU election observation mission

The Head of the AU election observation mission, H.E. Chief Olusengu Obasanjo, meet with the leader of the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC), Dr. Merera.

The OFC has opted to boycott the 21 June 2021 elections.
After the meeting Dr Merera said: “Today I met former President Obasanjo and his team members, Dr. Greg Mills, Ms. Karen etc. We had a discussion of an hour regarding the elections and the future direction of Ethiopian politics. I told them not to take the election very seriously as it can only be a political theatre and cannot deliver the three greatest needs of the country: durable peace and stability, ensure the birth of Democratic Ethiopia even after three thousand years and meaningful economic development. I also told them to advise the Ethiopian Prime minister to avert the looming civil war – to immediately move to an all inclusive National Dialogue that can take us to an all inclusive interim government, which prepares the country to a credible ‘free and fair’ elections within a year.I have underlined to them that without a genuine national dialogue based on a common road map, the hoped for Ethiopia’s democratic transition can only be: a transition from crisis, through crisis to crisis.”

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