The fascinating OROMO History that gave the foundation for the Ethiopian

The fascinating OROMO History that gave the foundation for the Ethiopian history de facto the OROMO History.

The more we scratch the Ethiopian history 90% is OROMO History: in History of Marathon, Entertainment music, national Literature ,Science & invention , Beauty tourism/ALMAZ AMANSISSA/ and others who brought Christianity in too are Oromos , the below personalities are among the few. Photo by Haweni Dhabessa !

Here you have mixed the true genuine Oromos who believed and fought for Orommumma with the fake ones who doesn’t want to be identified as an Oromo, but as an Ethiopian only. Having big title, Education, wealth, or being a celebrity does not make you a real Oromo citizen unless you did something for your people that could be taken as a good role model and makes you proud too. Enough is enough for these defacto Oromos. The Nation of Oromia does have hundreds of unflinching dedicated Oromos. We are not begging those who accept their Orommumma as a conveiniance, occupy high personal posts with prestigoius title but did nothing zero zilch for Orommumma. They don’t have the moral competency to be called the authentic Oromos. God bless Oromia.

Habte Dafa




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  1. I want to correct one of the name that appeared on this platform. Almaz Amensisa Edessa is not dead. The photo you labeled as “Almaz is Wubit”. Please correct that. Almaz is her sister who lives in Washington, DC. I am a member of the family, I know well the family including Wubit’s daughter and sons.

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