The failed, detached PM is trying to give agenda.

The failed, detached and disgraceful PP PM is trying to give agenda. Laughable. I know, he can not change anything. If you carefully evaluate his path in those two years, you can understand his incmpetence easily. He diverted the loan to build funny parks and fancy offices. The money and builders are foreigners. There is no return on investment from those projects. At least he does not know prioritizing.

Ethiopia needs bread not park nor fancy offices. I have been in several countries, and there is no fancy government offices but corporate offices. This shallow man might have heard ‘good working environment may contribute to employee productivity’. An embarrassment to our country!

However, we should focus on how to clean all these PP garbages and clear the way towards democracy. This call is for all Ethiopians. For Oromo people, forget the series of agenda thrown to you and focus on freeing your icons from the hands of your enemy. Be cruel.

– Luel Henok

I am getting reports divided security apparatus. Oromo security officials rejected the ongoing mass massacre of Oromos. There is no free lunch in this bitter struggle which I believe will be the last resistance to tyranny and mafia style administration. There is no legal government in the country currently and all the roads should lead us towords democratizing the country.

In this struggle, cruelty should be the norm. If your enemy fire a live bullet and kill one of your member, you should revenge 10 times of your casuality. The time for negotiation with this mafia is already passed the due time. Strategies and struggle, I am with you Oromo people!

-Luel Henok