The Evil Deeds Of OPDO Trained Gangs And The Future Of Abiy Ahmed

The Evil Deeds Of OPDO Trained Gangs And The Future Of Abiy Ahmed

By Rundassa Eshete, June 7, 2020

The notorious Ethiopianism killing culture awoken from its slumber by Abiy Ahmed’s propaganda shown in this video attests to the fact that evil can claim to be good and label the good as evil. The Ethiopian soldiers who are accusing an elderly man beat him up without compassion, ridicule, and persecute him are trained by the OPDO and doing just that!.

mee rabbii jedhatii namnii oromoraa bahee oromo akkana godhaa

The molten of hatred that is pouring out of these little evils mouth is sweeping across Oromia with the speed that griped the OPDO souls as evidenced in this video, in which an elderly man whose entire bones are ruptured but held together by skin. As one can see, the man is forced to stand up but he keeps falling down only to be punished more. This is happening to pave Abiy Ahmed’s road to power.

These street boys were recruited from the Amhara towns and cities, taught how to torture anyone suspected to stand on Abiy’s way to Minilik’s throne. Such gangs trained to harass, rape, loot and kill are now lording over the Oromo people everywhere. The more the OPDO feels that the political eruption would take place soon, the more killing is taking place everywhere in Oromia.

June 7, 2020, Abiy forces burn down residential areas in Gujii zone

Clearly, people’s anger is alive beneath the surface of the atrocities committed on a daily bases although the momentum seems to need a little time until the suffering reaches everywhere. Unfortunately, there are so many deaths and casualties as the OPDO tries to round up its enemies, the Oromo people.

Hearing the “black lives matter” slogan and the heavy booming sounds of freedom songs seem to bring the moment of mass revolt, and the glacial tidal wave of revolution close to the OPDO minds and hearts. This is scary to the OPDO because they know that they will be forced to abandon the fortunes they have accumulated in a matter of two years period of time. True, if and when that happens, there will be no direction to which they could gallop away from the approaching revolutionary flood.

Terrified by these situations, they kill the Oromo youth, elderly, pregnant or otherwise, and throw the bodies into shallow ditches and streams. Meantime, tens of thousands Oromians are rounded up and jailed in military camps such Sanqallee and Xollee. The OPDO achieved this in just two years compared to what the TPLF achieved in 27 years.

Out of millions of Oromians who were evicted from their homelands are sheltered in a human barn around Hadaamaa, Dirree-Dhowaa, Finfinnee, etc, hundreds die of starvation in a pitch dark nights and bright days of Oromia. But that doesn’t mean anything to the OPDO since what occupies their minds is the claps of the revolutionary thunder and booming of the eruption of the spirit of human freedom that hangs in the air. They know that, when the masses are awoken, Oromia will be flooded with riot and conflict that would immediately reach Minilik’s front yard.

The OPDO know very well, that day, the statue of Minilik and Hailesilase recently renovated, and everything around it, will be destroyed. That day, those whose families were tortured, maimed, raped, and killed will get their turn and take revenge against the OPDO officials from top to bottom structure. Because the mass is so angry and agitated, everything in their path will suffer in turn. That day, the OPDO will occupy Qaalittii and Qilinxoo prisons, although Abiy, Demmelash, Takala, and Adanech may be able to escape to Dubai, withdraw the funds they have accumulated there and try to enjoy life. Surely enough, that day, the Oromo revolution will clear the clouds of the Habasha domination and the Orthodox Dabtaras poisonous political culture.

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