The Ethiopian PM, Curse Or Blessing To The Nations And Peoples As He Rushes To Create A New Unionist Party Under The Pretext Of Merging EPRDF?

The Ethiopian PM, Curse Or Blessing To The Nations And Peoples As He Rushes To Create A New Unionist Party Under The Pretext Of Merging EPRDF?

December 01, 2019

Uncertainty looms over 104 Million populated Ethiopia as its Noble Peace Prize Winner PM suffers shocking division within two days before the establishment of his contentiously argued political party, the Ethiopian Prosperity Party-EPP. The PM has lost great person due to his selfish unionist ambition. A formidable politician regarded as the motor of change since late 2017 that the Ethiopian PM is claiming for having created- and the unionists through him have hijacked; obbo Lama Magarssa has clarified his difference with the PM and his extremely rushed EPP. All those who have been involved in one way or another in the political change since late 2017 and early 2018 are regarded as ‘Team Lama’, epitomising his commendable part in shaking the foundation of EPRDF’s barbaric regime.

Obbo Lama Magarsa has stood single handed to challenge the unchallengeable regime therefore was able to support the popular uprising that has been engulfed the regime mainly in Oromia’s regional state between late 2014 and late 2017.
The indicated change has resulted from the suffering of mainly the Oromo youth (Qeerroo). Over 5,500 Oromo people have been executed between 2014 and end of 2017 before the change has been enabled within EPRDF under the heroic leadership of Obbo Lama Magarssa. Obbo Lama Magarssa, Chair, of the then Oromo People Democratic Organisation (OPDO) that has changed its name to an Oromo Democratic Party (ODP) has relinquished his power to allow Dr Abiy Ahmed to assume his position in order for him to be able to become a PM. A selflessness Obbo Lama Magarssa has been globally applauded for doing so by all peoples of Ethiopia who understand the dynamics of Ethiopian politics.

Few months after becoming a PM, there were tale-tale signs that Dr Abiy Ahmed has become increasingly focused on praising those rulers who are regarded as the symbols of subjugating rules and dehumanisation by their subjects.

Arguments were raging that he has undermined the heavy prices nations and peoples in Ethiopia have paid due to the brutality of those whom he praises and spends millions in renovating their monuments, palaces and sculptures. He has given deaf ears and blind eyes to the outcries of the peoples who have argued that his action is the reminder of their enslavement and subjugation. He kept oblivious as he is today. Instead, he has become focused on undermining popular movement of nations and nationalities for genuine self-rule, to push with unionist agenda to end up creating the indicated unionist party, potentially worse than all parties thus far existed since the demise of Emperor Hailesilassies’ regime after the 1974 revolution.

Behind the creation of the unionist party whose objective focuses on promoting individual rights and liberal economic policy; there are unionist political parties whose leaders are currently advising the PM. Therefore, it seems that he has repeatedly ignored obbo Lama Magarssa’s advise on not rushing to create unionist party in multi-nation Ethiopia without the consensus of the majority. Contrary to the indicated, the unionists are officially claiming it is them who are creating the current change in Ethiopia to be able to reintroduce the hegemony of the older rulers, the Amhara elites and their subservient followers (“#ውህደቱ እንዲቀላጠፍ ያደረግነው #እኛ ነን። አንድ ኢትዮጵያ በመፍጠር ረገድና የአማራ #ልዕልና በመመለስ ሚናችን መጫወት ታሪካዊ ሐላፊነት ስላለብን ነው። የሕገመንግስት መሻሻል ጉዳይ በቅርብ ጊዜ ጠብቁን እንደምናደርገው አትጠራጠሩ። ነገሮች #በቁጥጥራችን ስር እየገቡ ናቸው። ፊት የተቀመጠውን አትመልከቱ #አረፋ ነው” ዮውሀንስ ቧያለው በአሜሪካ).

This is defining moment for the genuine and honest Oromo politician obbo Lama Magarsa who has officially announced that he maintains his position on not agreeing in the rush into creating a new unionist party-EPP. Disregarding his disagreement and mentoring role into the place, the Ethiopia’s dishonest, inconsistently reckless PM has gathered his unionist group with their subservient 7 political parties who hardly know what they were doing to sign the creation of EPP on December 01, 2019 to bury the aspiration of nations who hoped bright future in Ethiopia.

The EPP is not legal yet until its registration with election board is finalised. As the government remote-controls election board, there is no doubt that it will be ready within weeks if not day. Therefore, the Ethiopian nations and peoples are at defining moment to support Obbo Lama Magarssa, wider Oromo’s federalist groups and the other nation’s federalist parties to maintain the balance between those who are aspiring to bury the hope and aspiration of nations’ rights to self-determination and those who fight for genuine equality in Ethiopian for all stakeholders.

Finally, since Dr Abiy Ahmed assumed power in April 2018, he has demonstrated extremely unsettling self-contradictory and inconsistent behaviours. His trustworthiness has significantly declined as he talks something here and does there the very opposite. Therefore, the peoples of Ethiopia aspiring for a common good must unconditionally and wholly reject the EPP and support the just causes of genuine federalism where the nations’ collective and individual rights are equally respected. The Ethiopian peoples can’t afford entertaining neo-liberal ideology that is horrendously failing the West’s majority by creating puppet society who hardly demand their rights- but become modern day slaves of transnational companies. This is the key international agenda Dr Abiy Ahmed’s regime and his advisers of ‘Ethiopian citizens for social justice (ECSJ)’ and other unionists are attempting to implement.

In a multi-ethnic nation courtly like Ethiopia, the kind of party Dr Abiy Ahmed’s regime is attempting to impose will not only be unworkable, but also becomes potentially- catastrophically dangerous that is capable of disintegrating Ethiopia. One must be clear about PM’s intention. The PM whose constituency never elects him in Oromia region is rushing for his own benefit not for the benefit of the Oromo people and the rest nations and peoples in Ethiopia. His and his unionist ally’s heinous aspiration and dangerous objective must be unanimously repudiated and deplored by all nations and peoples in Ethiopia.

We Stand By Obbo Lama Magarssa!

December 01, 2019