The difference between Imperial Ethiopia and Oromo :

The difference between Imperial Ethiopia and Oromo :

“Oromo Democracy reveals the many creative solutions. In much of the history of Africa, the common image is that of people governed by privitive customs and practices, in which only the feudal roles of elders, kings, chiefs, sultans and emirs have been acknowlegded by Western Observer.
Very little is ever shown of indigenous African democratic system, under which there is distribution of authority and responsibility across various strata of society, where warriors are subordinated to deliberative assemblies.
Customary laws are revised periodically by a national convention, elected leaders are limited to a single eight – year terms of office and are subjected to Public review in the Middle of their terms. All these ideals and much more are enshirned in the five-century old consitution of the Oromo of Ethiopia, a study of which the matter of this book (Oromo Democracy).
The author brings into sharp focus, the polycephalous or “multi headed” system of government of the Oromo, which is based on clearly defined division of labor and checks and balances between different institutions.
He also shows in clear and lucid language that the system has had a long and distinguished history, during which the institutions changed by deliberate legislation and evolved and adapted with time, thus revealing the inherent dynamism and sophistication of this indigenous African political system.
Asmarom Legesse is an African anthropologist, ph.D.Harvard,emeritus Professor, formerly of Boston and Northwestern Universities and Swarthmore college. He has conducted many years of field research among the Oromo of Ethiopia and Kenya. He is the author of Gada:Three Approaches to the Study of African Society (1973). ” Anthony of Book: Oromo Democracy,
An Indigenous African Political System
By Professor Asmarom Legesse.
Picture Courtesy : Artist Yadesa Bojia’s Post.
Via: The State of Oromia

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