The defining ideological battle in Ethiopia today is not b/n extremists & moderates.

The defining ideological battle in Ethiopia today is not b/n extremists & moderates.

It’s between those who believe they are entitled to rule, dominate or control in the name of an exclusive ideology called Ethiopianess & those who want 2 break free from such control & domination.

In today’s Ethiopia, the word ‘extremism’ is selectively used by the culturally hegemonic group to denigrate, subordinate & silence the ideological viewpoints of marginalised groups. Anyone who doesn’t subscribe to the narrowly defined & exclusive notion of Ethiopianness is no good. To demand true autonomy is extreme. To demand equality of languages and cultures is extreme. To demand the exercise of the rights enshrined in the constitution is extreme. Anything that doesn’t fit into that narrowly construed and viciously guarded world view is extreme.

Via Dr Awol Kassim


  1. Indeed!

    The bitter struggle, in today Ethiopia, is between the subjugators who conveniently believe that they are entitled to rule over others and those who want to assert their inalienable rights. This may be explained in terms of what Francis Fukuyama terms “isothymia, recognition as equal in dignity to others, or megalothymia, recognition as superior”. The subjugators who are struggling to ensure the continuity of the naftagna system are spearheaded by the neo-naftagna using the Ethiopian régime as well as numerous fascist media. They set criteria for Ethiopianness and require others to fit into their world outlook. On the other hand, the Ethiopian multi-nations are engaged in bitter struggles against the naftagna system which is alien to equality of the peoples of Ethiopia. Remember that the struggles of the Oromo people and other Ethiopian nations are against the naftagna system which has subjected them to extreme repression. No any people in Ethiopia should be mislead to consider the struggles against the naftagna system as struggles against them.

    Simply put, the struggle is between those who are determined to continue to oppress others and those are aspiring to be free and equal in their own country. Yet, the subjugators are able to coin the term “extrimists” for those who oppose their repression. They often recruit and deploy “fools whose lack of intelligence … [can be] the best guarantee of their loyalty” from each ethnic backgrounds try to silence those who are struggling for equality.

    The way forward for the Ethiopian nations is to support each others causes and free them selves from the bandages of the naftagna system. To all the Ethiopian nations: Don’t stand by and wait until they come for you and your family; join the struggle for justice and free yourselves.

    Just causes shall prevail in Ethiopia!

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