The Damage vs. the Trend:  Why Oromos should not panic  about Golichaa Dheengee’s defection

The Damage vs. the Trend:  Why Oromos should not panic  about Golichaa Dheengee’s defection 

By Tulluu Ayira, September 20, 2021

Golichaa Dheengee
The Damage vs. the Trend:  Why Oromos should not panic  about Golichaa Dheengee’s defection

Historically, our long struggle against Amhara colonialism has experienced multiple defections and was full of ups and downs, hiccups, and challenges with painful results. The killing of our people in Wallo in the hands of Tewodros, Yohanis, Menilek and later Haile Selassie; the massacre of our people by Menilek at Anole and Chalanqo; the killing of our Oromo brothers in Horro Guduru and the burying alive of our leader by Adal Tasama of Gojjam; Haile Selassie’s bombing of our brothers in Bale; Naxanya massacre of our people in Badano, Watar, Arba Gugu, Saxamma and Soyama during the TPLF regime; and the countless massacres of the Oromo under the order of Abiy Ahmad in the last three years – the list goes on and on.  

In all this process there were hundreds of defectors from Gobanaa Daacee to Golichaa Dheenge. In the last three years alone Leencoo Lataa, Diimaa Nagoo, Galaasaa Dilboo, Licho Bukura and the sneaky Leencoo Bati created an exclusive club of defectors. I remember the  sneaky Leencoo condemning Licho’s defection on one of the news media networks. Now, he is an ambassador serving the nefxanya prime minister. Leencoo, Diimaa and Galaasaa shamelessly condemned OLF’s leadership for collaborating with TPLF forty years ago. This was at the very time they were leaders of the Front.  

The struggle experienced ups and downs and had several testing moments right from the beginning. Tracking the major events since the middle of the twentieth century: foundation of the Maccaa Tuulamaa Association ignited the rise of modern Oromo nationalism – the association faced serious setbacks, its leaders sentenced to death, some to life, others were tortured and killed, many were exiled, but the fire they started had never been extinguished. Instead, the movement gave birth to a child called the Oromo Liberation Front which took the struggle to a higher level. This movement, too, suffered serious setbacks at different times. Its first authentic leaders were decimated in Somalia’s desert while a promising successor, Baro Tumsa, was killed through a conspiracy hatched by defectors who are in the pocket of Abiy Ahmad today.

A reorganized OLF under today’s defectors (Galaasaa, Leencoo and Diimaa) joined the Transitional Government in 1991 only to be pushed out in early 1992. Soon Leencoo and Diimaa abandoned the cause and began the work of dismantling the OLF from inside; they succeeded in 1998. Galaasaa,  whose chameleonic character we failed to understand because of his pretentious behavior, was acclaimed to have saved the struggle. Alas! We never knew that he was another Satan working on crushing the struggle. But the struggle survived. Under a difficult situation which history will detail in the future, Dawd Ibsaa went on exile to a hostile country with his share of the OLF and saved the struggle under difficult circumstances. In 2018, he brought back the struggle and handed it to its rightful owner, the Oromo people. But the challenge to him and to the OLF became enormous; we have recently seen another defection in his camp instigated by elder defectors – Leencoo, Diimaa and Galaasaa. When it became clear that the OLF could not operate peacefully as planned, the Qeerroo listened to the call of a young and charismatic leader, Jaal Marroo, who did not only save the struggle but also took it to a level of unprecedent proportions. Golichaa was another leader until he joined the exclusive club of defectors. 

In conclusion, we should not panic with Golichaa’s defection. Yes, all defections came with damages, but they have never been devastating to the struggle. With every defection the struggle got cleaner and stronger. The trend has always been positive, stronger with clarity and unprecedent mass support. At OLA level, the struggle has reached an irreversible stage. Sooner or later, members of the exclusive club of defectors will appear in front of a victorious OLA carrying stone on their back (in the tradition of their nafxanya masters) and asking for forgiveness. 

Golichaa is another Leencoo, another Diimaa, another Galaasaa. The defection of these subhumans never stopped the struggle, nor the rise of OLA under Jaal Marroo. The defection of Golichaa is minuscule and Oromos should never worry about its damage.

Stop panicking, stop talking about it, do what you can do for the struggle!  


  1. Armed struggles never stop for defection anywhere in the world but doubles the morale of the fighters to get freedom and liberty for their people. In the case of Ethiopia, fighters’ number multiplies each day because they are committed to defeat the brutal, inhuman Amhara colonialism. Victory is much closer for Oromo people and other Cushitic ethnic groups in Ethiopia. There is nothing like independence and liberty.

      • Well,
        Brother Ibrahim you just made my day! No, more like my month really!

        I can’t wait till I show my kids (well, they are younger than me! LOL) this! What the power of the word is, ONLY “Waaqa” knows! KEEP UP WITH THE GREAT WORK YOU ARE DOING BROTHER! Your articles and columns have been a staple around our reading table!

        With love AND respect!

  2. There was a saying I used to hear from my grandpa every time he was having a hard time bargaining with someone:

    Dhirri gatii hin dhaabuu,
    Goot’ni baasii hin qaabuu!

    Roughly translated:
    “Every man has a price,”
    “[Only]a Hero has no monetary value!”

    Obo Goollicha decided to live as a man, so he bargained with the Ethiopian State for a life in Finfinne. That is his right! He will only become a problem for Oromo nationalists if he becomes a soldier in a PP platoon and begins fighting against our OLA sons & daughters. I doubt it that will happen; because Taye Danda WILL NEVER TRUST GOOLLICHA WITH A GUN EVER AGAIN! Besides, he will have plenty to keep him busy in the company of Dima Nogo, Lencho leta, kemal Galchu, and the likes around Abiy’s palace. Wishing him all the best for his past service to our nation!

    ALUTA CONTINUA! ‘The Struggle Continues!’

  3. May I hope the comment above is from Ibrahim Hassan of the Writer and Columnist here on Ayyaantuu & Kichuu’s Pages of various Articles joining us on the comment pages? If it is, know that you have some really strong group of fans on these Kichuu and Ayyaantuu Pages! We are the “Old Schoolers” who don’t believe in updating our ‘Status” every minute on Social Media; or the “Young Schoolers,” but brilliant nonetheless, who have figured out that the FAGOT (Facebook, Amazon, Google, Oracle, and Twitter) Networks are using their data to ENRICH themselves, and hence bolted! LOL

    If it is not the Ibrahim Hassan I was thinking about, know that I still completely AGREE with your comment above! You are on point! The struggle will get stronger with every clarity it attains in its leadership ranks specially!

    We the Oromo people are really in a SWEET spot right now! Our war for national liberation is led by young, dedicated, and bright leaders! May it continue down this path!

    Among those of us who are physically unable to be on the front lines, it is time to double and redouble our support in all other matters for our sons and daughters of the Oromo Liberation Army!

  4. Re-posted from Ayyaantu
    Aba Solan & Mr Gagale,

    Nice to see both your names on the same comments page! See, the world ain’t so terrible after all! LOL

    I usually listen to BBC Afan Oromo when I can, and I tuned in today
    (Sep 21, 21) and heard Obo Goolicha’s interview. The man is talking blue streak, I could hardly follow his points because of all the spray!

    He reminded me of the famous Charlie Brown retort of the American Children’s Comic Series the “Peanuts”: ” Good grief Charlie Brown!” Either he is already feeling a buyers remorse, or something is TRULY wrong with the ‘man’! I wish him well!

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